Tarkov Weekly #001

The great 0.7.4 glock patch.

It comes with a new trader screen full of glock parts and the pistol itself which costs 244 € currently, which is the equivalent of 26018 roubles. It actually had a price tag of 320-350 € but that was quickly argued against on reddit, because for reasons hidden in prophet nikita's beard, everything apparently has to be cheaper than an AK74 to keep the mythical hatchet ninja hordes away.

Glock sales representative posing as a mechanic in Tarkov 

For me however, the best part of the patch was the 50-round drum magazine for the MP5.

One of the more tragic options is a new pistol grip for the AS VAL for mounting M4 stocks on it, if defiling AK74 with M4 parts is not enough.

Even Aimpoints fit on glocks.


 The NSPU-M night vision scope for AK weapons costs 18000 roubles and is a very low cost way to equip yourself with night vision capability. It has  ~3x magnification and fits on any dovetail mount, especially on the AKS-74UN. This makes it 10x times cheaper to run than NV goggles.

However there are some drawbacks, the contrast on the device is far too low, compared to the real thing. Once that is fixed (and players get an incentive to go at night AND nv goggles are less affordable) then this would make night time combat more appealing for players.

Sales Report

Part of this new weekly post is the Sales Report.
We have started tracking sales of weapons by traders for a few weeks and each entry represents an average of several data points sourced from several points in time over the week. The numbers are rounded to integers. With this data you can better prepare yourself for raids because it shows what weapons players appear to field the most. Every number is an average of items sold per hour.

  • Players actually buy TOZ, over 50 are sold on average, per hour.
  • Only one Vintorez is sold per hour.
  • The TT pistols is very popular among pistols.
  • The AK74 remains the most popular automatic weapon, the M4 sells 4 times less in volume but is also 4 times more expensive.

Also in the news

The developers confirmed that there will be 200 weapons in the final game.

The developers released an official ammo table along with updates to it.

The bitcoin price of the physical bitcoin item ingame is confirmed to be connected to real world exchange rate to roubles.

Ballistic Changes

Until next week gentlecats, may trader_not_have_money watch over you.


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