Tarkov Weekly #003

The first piece of news is this device tweeted by the developers. It looks like an IR scope that can be connected to your weapon's scope so you can peek around corners without exposing yourself.


And it appears to be the Ratnik IR device presented in this clip. However I hope the device will not be Team Fortress 2 nerfed like the ReapIR scope. Because this device is supposed to have 1.2 kilometers range and far more than 10 fps.

Or It could also be the PN21K device.

Speaking of the ReapIR, it was nerfed for no apparent reason other than player "OP fears" and this is a dangerous trend, weapons in tarkov being "balanced" by use of their specifications. That should never happen in a game like Tarkov. The device should be as close as possible to real life, and only availability should be a balancing mechanism. Because the developers promised us "maximum possible realism". So, either give us the weapons and items with all their realistic flaws and advantages, no matter how "OP", or remove them from the game completely. If a device, is "OP", let it be OP and let players adapt to the situation instead of balancing a highly effective thermal scope into a broken barely usable binocular. That would be as stupid as lowering the damage of a semi-automatic rifle compared to a weapon firing the same cartridge to "balance" it.

The next item on the list is a Zarya-3 flashbang grenade. This is the manufacturers page.

Whether players will use this weapon over hand grenades I think is doubtful. Because currently hand grenades are harmless outside the blast radius of 6 meters.


March 2018 survey

The results for the march survey so far show that SMGS remain useless to most players. I think automatic rifles only costing 30k+ and smgs costing the same gives players no reason to play smgs. Rifles should have a price increase of three fold to 100k for an AK74, then less effective weapons would be enticing for players. This would stretch the weapon curve across all items, instead of being narrowly packed around assault rifles.

Hand grenades still feel like flashbangs to players:

Ammo prices are rated from adequate to too cheap:

Market Watch 

We added a total weapons sold chart. The peaks are sundays.

Price Changes

 Suppressor prices for weapon or platform-specific suppressors have increased by 40-50%. I think this is a great development as it makes these highly effective items considerably more expensive which might push players to run cheaper weapons.

The price of dollars ($) has been lowered to 87 roubles, (down from 97).


  1. the scope is literally the PN21K, you can clearly read the name on the scope itself


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