Glitches should be public because they are not cheats

While browsing the EFT forum and the reddit, I have noticed something was off. The reddit staff was threatening people with new rules. That is nothing noteworthy as the staff there is always craving for new ways to trap people so they can ban them. But what was new about this ruleset was the insistence on forbidding discussion of exploits or glitches. In the same sentence with cheats.

That is weird. The "pistol glitch" has been in the game for a long time. It was fixed, then reappeared. So why this particular rule today? It became more interesting 3 posts down.

The lead developer threatening a "last chance" and a lengthy post trying to defend the idea that glitches should not be public and for everyone to see.

Definition of a glitch

First let's examine what a glitch is. A glitch, or exploit, is an unintended and/or unexpected flaw in the game that gives the user an unintended advantage. This is why it is called an exploit. A flaw in the game is exploited.

The game had many exploits, some are fixed.

  • Pistol/Pouch Glitches
  • Money Glitches
  • Map Glitches

 Example of map glitch on Woods allowing a player to see through a rock.

In the above image you can see how to glitch through a rock on Woods. I have reported this on the support ticket 3 weeks ago.
The problem is not that glitches exist or appear. It is to be expected for a game in active development for bugs to appear. No one is angry about that. Considering similar early access games, EFT has maintained a pretty high quality standard compared to to them. However, this is still a game that players have paid for in advance so they are entitled to exerting pressure on developers to develop at a reasonable speed. Because they already have the money. So the only remaining way to pressure developers is to bite them where it hurts, in the money. Unhappy customers will give the game negative ratings and decrease the sales by advising potential customers not to buy it.

One more notes about the above paragraph before we continue.

  • "You are not allowed to rate it because it is not really released yet". This does not count. The moment you charge money for an early access product you will be judged on what is delivered at that moment. This is also a good quality measurement of a product. Ask yourself, how unfinished, how buggy is a software company willing to have a product on early access release? The cruder an early access product is on early access, the lower the minimum quality standard of that company is. Or in other words, this is the minimum amount of respect the company has for its customers. However, EFT was a pretty good and high quality release on early access back in 2016. However BSG's problem does not lie with the quality of the product, it lies with the minimum amount of respect they have for their customers when it comes to interacting with them directly.

In other words, EFT is one of the best fps games on the market, but their customer experience is one of the worst, and this exploit situation shows it.

Janitors And Programmers

First, let's consider what the lower post was about. It was written by a 3rd party not associated with BSG. It claims that if exploits are exposed publicly it's bad for development.

That's bunk.

Not only is it bunk, the opposite is true. Imagine you work as a janitor, and for whatever reason, despite your best efforts, you trip over a bucket filled with water and then forget to clean it up and move on to work on another part of the building. And this happens to you regularly and people start slipping and falling often. Should these repeated mishaps kept secret, because it makes the janitor appear incompetent? Or should the janitor be told to improve the situation?

Now taking this situation further, the employer not only keeps the wet floors a secret, he tells the security who guards the building that anyone who complains about the situation is to be thrown out. And then the employer looks out of the window, and nods at the parking lot guard that guards a parking lot not associated with the building. The guard then kicks anyone off his parking lot who complains about the wet floors in the building across the street while also telling them that it is not his business what happens in the building but he will still kick you off the parking lot.

Archive photo of a BSG programmer coding the pouch

Showing exploits to the public pressures the developers into fixing it sooner. And it is only harmful to the developer's reputation, not the development.

BSG needs to stop treating their customers like assholes

EFT is great, the UI and the animation system are the greatest of any game I have ever played. But the customer support is one of the worst. What the BSG lead developers should consider is that we customers put our money into your product, many of us a long time ago, so at the very least they could not treat us like a herd of dumb animals that have to be managed and steered and kept obedient. Because we won't have it. An exploit is a flaw in the game, that can be used without any external programs, otherwise it would be a cheat. And many players will use that flaw until it is fixed. I think it is lame to use it. But it is legal and it is not cheating. The existence of an exploit is entirely the developer's fault and their responsibility to fix. And until it is fixed, it is fair game to be used by anyone who wishes so. We won't hate you for exploits in the game, we know it is uninentional and bugs can happen. But we expect a speedy fix to them. Your "Back off, or else" stance on this is what poisons the relationship between customers and developers. Not the exploits themselves. You don't get to punish your customers for exploits.

(what also poisons it is your whole forum being setup as a trap that when you try to report a moderator for bad behaviour you get extra bans, but that is for another time)

So that being said, what is bad for development is developers wasting time trying to shut down people that point out exploits. Coming back to the earlier point of applying pressure, publically exposed exploits spread very fast and become very high priority for developers to fix AND force them to be more careful in the future, knowing that severe bugs will cause exploits,which causes angry customers. And that is a good thing. Because especially early access games that already have their customer's money require pressure to keep their quality levels and speed of delivery high. Because after all is said and done, this is not about friendship and understanding, this is about products being sold for money. But let me say it a 3rd time, EFT is a high quality game, but you treating your customers like assholes really makes it difficult to be friendly towards you.

So what are we left with for this article? Exploits are fair game and should be public knowledge. Otherwise they remain only known to a select few who are sooo going to swear they will only keep it secret for the best interests of the public. Yeah right.

That is why videos like this:

Should be linked and shared everywhere. Because they provide a public service for the community. They pressure the developers to prioritize these issues. And I will not self-censor this blog for some made-up BS rules on reddit or the BSG forums. What BSG wants is to pressure everyone into self-censoring themselves when talking about exploits so the developer can keep it off the frontpages so it does not affect the sales of new copies of the game while they fix the exploits. "Shut up or else, while we put out the fire."

As customers we should not agree with being handled like this. Look at the climate it creates. Streamers are worried whether they might anger BSG or their loyal reddit servants. I have to worry when I post this article on whether I get banned again. (Which is not really a worry in this case as merely linking this article will be guaranteed to cause another 30 day ban, and the official reason will be because I linked this video of the pistol glitch being exposed. Convenient isn't it?)

Think of it, you paid for the game, often for EOD (151€ in Germany) and you have worry about what you are allowed to say on the company's forum. This undercurrent of "what am I allowed to say" is the current accepted culture on the BSG and reddit forums. It should not be like that. Just fix the exploits and leave your customers in peace.


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