Tarkov is Pay to Win


Is Escape from Tarkov Pay-to-Win?


Note: This was posted and quickly deleted on reddit by BSG-loyal fan moderators in an attempt to censor this blog. The Reddit moderators are directly controlled by BSG and censor any deviating opinion on the game. At the same time, posts defending EFT against P2W complains are allowed on reddit.

There has been recent controversy on whether EFT is P2W. Let's determine first what Pay-to-Win means.

By paying extra, a player gets an advantage ingame over players who do not pay extra.

Let's see if that applies to EFT.

Any edition beyond the standard edition offers more starting resources and weapons, and more significicantly, a larger stash.

Stash sizes

  • Standard edition: 10x23
  • Left Behind edition: 10x33
  • Prepare to Escape edition: 10x43
  • Edge of Darkness edition 10x63

A larger stash improves your success in EFT for many reasons:

More space for

  • Armor vests
  • Load-Bearing vests
  • Weapons
  • Money
  • Backpacks
From this we can conclude that paying for a better edition of the game increases your success, You can store more PACA vests for example. Once you run out of stash, you have to sell items for very low prices to traders. Note that the prohibitively expensive EOD offers almost 50% more space than the second most expensive edition and 300% more space than the standard.

The counter-argument is that the same advantage can be achieved by simply playing the game and unlocking better stashes on the way. But that option does not exist right now.

  • The supposed Hideout feature is planned to have the functionality to upgrade your stash. Why is that not here yet? It was announced in August on Gamescom. The timeframe was given from "perhaps next month or until the end of the year".

  • The only way to get your stash increased is to buy a better version. Stash increase is requested by players all the time. But it is hidden behind the Hideout feature and there surely is a convenient explanation by the developers that will explain why that feature is going to require more time.
  • Think about it, the largest stash for EOD buyers was immediately available in the early alpha, but any possibility to increase the stash is not there yet, but the P2W option is. They could have quickly hacked in some quest that increases the stash as a placeholder until Hideout. Or delay the EOD bonus until the Hideout was available.
  • At the same time, the EOD edition is still fraudulently available despite it being announced as very time-limited ("only until the alpha ends.") Alpha official ended in July 2017. EOD is still being sold.
    This is wonderfully explained in this reddit article: [Link]

My prediction: 

  • EOD will be available until the hideout feature is in the game and the it will quietly disappear.
  • Developers will not give any clear date on when the EOD will disappear. Because that would make players avoid the EOD and wait for the Hideout feature.
  • Hideout feature won't be functional (ability to upgrade to 10x63 stash) until late June 2018.
 To me it looks like this is a clear case of P2W with features deliberately being held back and their dates being vague to maximize the profit. Now if a large publisher like EA would introduce P2W into one of their games.. that would cause a heckin concern.

Leaked image of BSG staff evaluating the situation


  1. But you can increase your stash with the containers you can buy at lvl4 traders for ingame money. Tarkov is not like Battlefront . You can pay to get a slight advantage over others,in the form of the 9 slot gamma container, but people who do it are stupid imho

    1. There is also a task that give all player access to the echelon container, which is better than gammer IMO (2x8) (smg size).
      Also stash size isn't that important. Regardless to the stash size, your best option / tactic is sell most gear and only keep a small amount of kitted weapons. At the moment they have weapons cases, money cases and item cases which massively increase your storage spaces.
      I honestly don't see they game as pay to win as in raid there is no distinct advantage from a standard edition game to an EOD version. Your character stash and all weapon damage is exactly the same.
      In this game, A trader available at level one makerov pistol can put down in 1 shot a fully kitted, all fort Armour player with a M4. I personally use an AK74U, no mods with AP rounds. It all about game knowledge and skill. This makes all gear is readily available to those that know how to hunt players.
      I own EOD as I wanted instant access to game a year ago. Honestly I aint a fanboy, if the game sucked. I would be honest and say so. I personally enjoy the game, it has its issues but they are working on them and I can see a huge difference in the games preformance to when i started to play.
      I think if BSG out of order if there not allowing both side of a discussion to exist on there forums. I am Confused at there actions regarding this post deletion / removal. Any discussion regardless to the articles content as long as there is truth and relevance should be allowed.
      I myself would love to hear BSGs reply on the matter.

    2. You played the game for a year and you are going to die to some noob with a makrov in fort? Cmon dude. Get real. Nobody who spent over a hundred dollars on this game is going to be that much of a trashcan.

      I had a guy empty an entire mp5 mag into me in fort and I just turned around while he was reloading and wasted him. I looked at my health, 1 damage.

      Imagine if they put something like Fort in Battlefront II giving players twice the health / immunity to some blasters, then the devs responded that they saw someone kill a guy with a pea shooter blaster before with a lucky headshot. You wouldn't hear the end of the rage.

    3. Calling some MAJOR BS on that real quick. No way in hell someone dumped 30 rounds on your fort and didnt kill you. Plus, base knowledge. If thats a true story, they were using the wrong ammo. Take a little research (on this site actually) and you will realize there is only one type of ammo for that gun that has armor pen.

  2. You need to get some of your facts right first ...

    - You are not just playing for extra stash space, gear etc you are also getting any future DLC for FREE with the EOD version.
    links ...

    The EDO option is more like 'pay to get an slight advantage' Sure you get some extra space but you still end up running out of room.
    And there are options to incress your gamma container size etc.

    I will agree it is a money grab due to the fact they did say the EOD would be removed once close beta started, but do you blame them?

    The EOD is a good way to support the devs, because like i said these people need to pay the bills, live and devopl this game.

    Why the F***k would you pay that much money for EDO just for extra stash space?!

    1. What people are doing incorrectly is comparing these packages to typical pre-order packages. These packages are akin to Kickstarter backer packages, which have always given people extra things in the game. Just look at Star Citizen - you can pay $2000 for the best ship in the game, but it isn't pay-to-win because THE GAME ISN'T OUT YET, it's just you getting a reward for funding the game while it's still in development. Same case here. EOD being removed before launch is just further proof that it's just a reward for helping fund the game prior to release. IMO it's fair, especially considering the temporary nature of the "advantages".

    2. Also, a side note on that Star Citizen bit, that $2000 ship is useless unless you have the players and resources to run it. Same idea with Tarkov. Sure you get extra gear, but that extra gear isn't going to magically save you in a firefight if you suck. It would be P2W if it gave unskilled players an edge over people that put in effort and are actually good at the game, but in a tactical shooter like Tarkov, that just isn't the case.

  3. Pay to "win" requires you to make the argument that what you get from paying more will give you something that other players cannot obtain easily that would give you an advantage. A bigger stash size will not make you "win" the encounter that you face in a raid. I guess you could argue the fort and kiver you start with, however the issue with that is most people give it to skier for his first quest. The SV-98 that you get is not going to do you any good without a scope and all of the other weapons that you get are no better than the AK74U.

    So no, this is not pay to "win", because your bigger stash size and gamma container do not make your guns hit harder, make you take less damage, or give you better tactical advantages in a fire fight. The ONLY argument you can make there is that you can have more guns, ammo, meds etc.. but thats still not going to give you an advantage in a raid. It will just make you life a little easier. That AK74U guy who has the standard edition is not going to lose the fight against you just because your stash and gamma are bigger.

    1. A bigger stash gives you a logistics advantage of always having a spare paca vest for example. On a small stash you are forced to sell looted pacas at very low price.

    2. you realize there is a 6k roubles difference there yes? lol. Thats basically nothing. You can sell them at 10k and buy them at 16k.

  4. Also, quit Sh*tting on the devs just because they want money. The game they made (in my opinion) is well worth $105 (EOD from black friday sale which is how I got mine). Wanting money for your services does not make you a bad person and they deserve every penny they have gotten bc this game is one of the best I have every played.

  5. it really bothers me that you, and many other people, claim that having more space provides an advantage because it holds more stuff that you “need”. You use PACAs as an example, you realize you don’t need to horde a bunch of PACAs in your stash, right? You can buy them as needed. I have EOD and I generally don’t even have more than 3 PACAs at time. Most items in this game can be purchased from traders with standard currency. You like M4s? Well have 2 M4s in your stash and replace them as needed, if you’re decent at the game then replacing an M4 every now and then shouldn’t make that big of a dent in your funds. You also make it seem like standard edition players sell things for less, “once you run out of stash, you have to sell items for very low prices to traders” everyone gets the same amount of money from traders, and nothing’s stopping standard editions from make the same amount of money per-raid as an EOD player. In my opinion EOD just makes things a little more convenient and requires less management skills.

  6. Soft ass snowflake. Now it makes sense why you created this blog = you're the pathetic kid on the playground who looks for every opportunity to stop the game because you felt cheeted for some pathetic reason or excuse. But really you're just shit at life, and you choose to hide behind bullshit all the while trying to figure out how to get to the prize yourself. Fuck. You. Weakling.

  7. Depending how you define p2w you may the slight advantages that a large stash brings (i.e. less logistic skills). I would strongly debate that an slightly adavantage that wont save you from a lone makarov bullet is a game breaker or nearly a problem like desync / network issues / memory leaks.

    In fact im more upset with players calling themselves "Josef Mengele" or "Hitler".

    Its a pity your post got deleted:

    I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It - Voltaire

    1. Simply the large pile of PACA armor you can assemble is an advantage. If your space is too limited and you need good armor for your next raid because you bring an expensive gun, then having to buy full price.

  8. I'm confused. I cannot imagine a "pay to win" when there is nothing to win... There is no game ! What you temporarily earn is regularily wiped.

    There will be a game one day in the future, and there will be something to win - and to keep - and at that time everyone will be able to judge if higher pledges give higher profits, and if you can work in game to upgrade to the same level.

  9. It's amazing that people deny this. It's a great game, and my favorite FPS. That doesn't mean that I'm going to blindfold myself to criticism about aspects of the game that are not good.

    It's not just space, but upgraded traders, tier 2 weapons, and fort armor at launch. All of us that have played since the beginning already have an advantage on new players. We know the maps, guns, ammo types, and the current meta like clockwork. People keep acting like every EOD player is some nooby loot pinata.

    The dumbest arguement I've been hearing is that you can take out a guy in fort with a makrov so it's not P2W. I have never died to any pistol, let alone that dog shit gun, in fort armor. Everyone I know that bought EOD has played the game through at least two wipes and are dangerous against geared veterans. Give them fort and a suppressed AK74n against a bunch of pistol wielding noobs and it's going to be a massacre.

    If you are a EOD player scared of losing your fort to a makrov you are complete trash, and wasted over a hundred dollars on a game you should uninstall.

    My only fear with the P2W situation is that the people who buy the game at launch, who will be spreading the word on whether the game is enjoyable, will be discouraged by dying over and over to veterans that paid to have even more of an advantage over the newer players.

    1. First of all, being a veteran can't be taken into account in this argument bc how long you have played has nothing to do with pay to win. Second, the first armor and kiver you start with will always go to skier for his first quest. On that same token, almost any shot to the head with a vepr is a kill kiver or not. Also on that same token, the AK74U (you get in the standard as well) will eat through fort as well. Fort is really not as good as ppl say it is and it really only protects you against scavs. If you get the drop on a geared guy w/ fort, your either gonna win, or as you say "You should uninstall". This game is more about tactics than gear.

      Also, what is a tier two weapon? lol. You dont even really unlock any better guns at lvl 2 traders and the good attachments are all lvl 3 peacekeeper and skier. Not to mention 0.2 respect is basically nothing. Thats like 1 maybe two quests.

      On the last point, the veterans are gonna get fort within the first couple games regardless. They are on scavs all the time. Its really not hard to get.

      EOD may give a SLIGHT, very slight, advantage, but thats it. The fact that we have to argue this means we are sitting on the line between p2w and not p2w, which tells me its really not even worth talking about. As far as I can tell, its not really been a game changer for anyone.

      I play no better now than I did when I had standard edition. I was trash at the game b4 (I happily admit that lol) and im still trash. No p2w here.

  10. Bottom line for me is the larger secure stash. Gamma container players can accumulate wealth faster without fear of dying. Gamma container players can train soft skills faster, namely strength. Yeah yeah you can do quests meanwhile gamma guys are in the money and skilled up wrecking you each time you try to do your quests. The real travesty is the requirement to trade items for guns, backpacks, meds, armor since that puts pressure on your limited inventory space and seems to be designed to frustrate the player into upgrading.

    1. How can you tell if the person that kills you is a gamma container player? I'm live daily and wreck fully kitted player often. I also, on the other hand, get wrecked my players with pistols at times too. It's not about what gear you have, it's about how you use that gear. If you're running with a hatchet down the middle of the road, you're going to die.

  11. You can buy bigger stash through the cases you can acquire from traders late game, so you can make your stash bigger very easily. You can buy in game anything someone with the EOD version gets they just helped support the company and you didn't so you are mad. Its not a perm. gun or perk, its a few extra starting things which no one uses in game anyways. So how is that "Pay to win"??

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  14. I purchased the EOD for one reason. To Support the devs. Frankly I'm a crack shot with a grach pistol and each session I bury new EOD players that decide to come into the game armed to the teeth but not knowing a thing about it. This is the farthest thing from P2W I honestly have ever seen. The battle ground is decided on your tactics and marksmanship with a weapon, not to mention the time you put into the game also rewards you (its night and day difference having leveled your skills) And frankly I only use a very fixed set of weapons and armor so I keep a limited supply (My inventory is about 3/4ths Empty and it probably will stay that way since I use meticulous use of wallets/gun cases, Cash briefcases, etc (and approaching 8.2 million rubles worth of cash its easy to say that's allot.) which for their foot print hardly chokes up any space. all your buying is the opportunity to be lazy at space management. And frankly the season pass I got for the game too is really appealing. If the devs stay true to their promise their is a good chance I will save money by supporting them now and getting 100+ dollars worth of Expansion content.

    My point is here that while their is an argument for P2W, the standing and overlapping issue is that regardless if you by the basic edition, or the EOD when push comes to shove the game is decided in the battlegrounds. Where your skill is the metric and your gear is only a contributor to that. And if your scrabbling at the bottom just get better at the game by being a scav. Once you get the skills, wailing on a full fort player with a pistol and maybe a liberal amount of grenade use on them becomes easy. I do it all the time and I make allot of money doing it.

    (Edited to fix my grammar)


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