Tarkov Weekly #002


  • Let's start with the netcode not yet working as intended. In the clip linked below you can see the game still has issues with people getting hit in the head and walking away if the shooter dies faster.
Player surviving headshot

The problem appears to be most visible when fast-firing weapons are involved. Especially if the shooter dies quickly after firing, the shots appear not to count. (The client still sees the impacts instantly, because of client side prediction, however this is not the same is happening on the server.)

We hacked a security camera in the BSG netcode programming office.

 Loot Economy

Statement by PR

  • This is an interesting outlook for the game, because requiring barter items instead of cash to buy things will push players towards interacting with the game world more beyond shooting players and scavs. It rewards players taking time and risk to search for barter items.
  • This explains the vast amount of barter items with no apparent ingame effect beyond being a sell item.


Market Watch 

As usual you can see the full Market Watch here, monitoring he sales of weapons.

Highlights for this week:
(this scale starts last Monday)

On Tuesday the shotgun slugs were buffed to 165 damage and 12 penetration power, which is a small amount below the required power to get through a PACA at 50 meters.
The two Baikal MP shotguns remain favorites, supposedly for the trade-in value for other weapons and easy ammunition management. The Saiga-12 is held back by limited magazine capacity and the need for tactical vest to carry magazines, while tube-magazine shotguns can carry up to 30 shells per slot loose.

 The MP5 is the lone favorite that outperforms all other SMGs in sales. Its fame and trade-in option for 10 knives is not matched by the other weapons. Interesting here is that possible intentions of the developers. They appear to want players to use this weapon a lot.
On Thursday there was a dip in MP5 sales and a reciprocal rise in MP5SD and Vityaz sales.

 The mysterious Thursday dip also appeared for the RSASS and Vepr136. Vepr136 sales dropped and the RSASS sales rose for the same amount. It might be the same players switching from a cheap semi-auto to an expensive one after successful raids.
There appears to be a rise in cheap semi-auto weapon use compared to automatic weapons, this could indicate the economy tightening and loot rates being adjusted down. Players start having to make tougher economic choices.

After we determined (link to 7.62x25)that the PST round for the Tokarev is sufficiently powerful to penetrate PACA at 50 meters, it saw a steady rise in sales over the week. This dragged the sales for the PB and Grach down. Players have swapped them for the Tokarev.
Note: We can not measure glock 17 sales because the trading list lists them as "A LOT"


Even with the official ammo sheet released, there are still things to examine for our scientists. Namely at what distance each armor class breaks. The current data we have on this matter is integrated in every new ballistics sheet on the blog. This data was carefully measured ingame without the use of datamining, often at the great expense of random players walking in on our experiments.

Developer News

A roadmap for 2018 has been released, detailing features to be included this year. 

I look forward to magazine reloading and weapon jamming. However many of the features promised here were already promised in 2016 for 2017, so I would feel skeptical about the delivery time.

One of the items posted by Klean, this appears to be a handheld thermal optics device, that might be used with the off-hand when using a pistol (Holding a flashlight with the left hand while using a pistol was detailed by the developers in 2016). Interesting about this is the logo, it says FLIP, and it looks like the logo of the FLIR company. This suggests the developers had to obscure the actual product logo because the original licensing for the product is not available. That or it might be a device for detecting anomalies in the zone. Think about it, we got bolts and screws as items and then there is that:



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