0.8 Economics

The 0.8 changed a few things in the economics of the game. First let's talk about the good parts. Armor received a very strong price increase, PACA costing 25k (was 16k), the new class 3 armor vest costing 475$ and a class 3 UN helmet 358$.

This puts heavy armor slightly out of reach for every-raid use and has a knock-on effect for weapon attachments like suppressors or large magazines. Running a full set of armor and the best attachments is now exorbitantly expensive. This keeps the game from becoming boring for experienced players with a lot of cash.

Ammo is more expensive too. For details on that, read our 0.8 ammo preview

The 31k Kalashnikov problem

However, AK assault rifles remain very cheap. The whole range of  AK rifles can be bought for anything between 22500 to 40000 roubles. The russian submachineguns, are within this price range. This is a problem, because any assault rifles outperforms any other weapon class in the game, for nearly the same price. This pushes weapon diversity out of the game, because no one will buy a shotgun or pistol when faced by enemies with rifles. SMGs have close range firepower and firerate, but they still are outperformed by rifles, for the same price.

This will turn the game into a wasteland of AK rifles everywhere. Here are some ideas to prevent that.

  • Add a flat +20000 price increase for ALL ak rifles. This would separate rifles in the game's pricing structure from SMGS and increase diversity in gameplay.

  • When players are forced to use cheaper weapons it increases the length of firefights and this is more fun. Evidence for that is how much more fun the game is shortly after a wipe, when everyone has to improvise with what they can find. Remember early after the wipe? When you had to carry some extra 10 round mags because you could not afford a large vest? This finely nuianced decision making is gone once you keep stacking money while repeatedly going into fights with an AK74.

Dogtag money 

It is still too much, that dogtag of a level 34 player sells for 17000 roubles. This means 2 kills get you a free rifle. Most players will be level 20-30 in a week.


Once the fun of unlocking all the traders is gone, the game still has to be fun and force the player to make impactful decisions before the raid (what to bring into combat) and what to do in the raid. But as with previous patches, this challenge will erode one week after a wipe. Everyone will have an AK every round, and the ammo loading feature in combat won't have much impact, because one party of a firefight will be dead long before the shooter has burned through 4 magazines.
The increased cost of armor is a great first step, because it keeps well armored players scared because of the sheer cost of the armor. But unless there is some variation in weapon selection (and the pressure to select cheaper weapons), combat will become repetitive.

Another article about the economics from January:
>>Tarkov is on easy street

Rifles should cost at least 50k even the cheapest ones. And the resale value of weapons should be reduced drastically. This would force player to work with looted weapons over simply selling them for large profit and then buying what they want.

Oh and one more thing:
Suggesting to make SMGS and shotguns cheaper as they are right now is not going to work, because then it would push pistols out of the game.


  1. The game is about realism, not balance. Real life is not balanced. Good smg’s are as expensive as cheap rifles. Fights in real life are short, if they are in close proximity. I would suggest lowering overall hp. People should die faster. A person may live for seconds in real life by taking a hit to every limb. But taking any hits in real life almost completely takes a person ‘out of the fight’. Also, none of the current calibers in the game can shoot through a level 4 armor plate in real life. More real, less video game balance please.

    1. Srsly i that's more BS than i can so I'm gonna correct your mistakes for the sake that there will be people reading this thinking that dude has got it.
      1. There is no armor plate in the game that can stop a M61 7.62x51 since there is no NIJ LvL 4 plate in the game since armor in game is measured in Russian standards So as also stated IG the "Fort" is roughly equivalent to NIJ IIIA armor witch protects against atleast one Bullet of 7.62x51 M80
      2. There is no Active Service armor known to me that is NIJ rated IV the only one i know of outside Active Service would be Dragon Skin Armore.
      3. The game is definetly not about pure realism boy. Simply look at the Thermalsight in Game and you'll see. Second point where that becoms obvious is in the Medical gameplay witch is far from realistic.
      4. Real life might not the balanced but neither is it fun to shoot and get shot irl.
      5. People shouldnt die faster. Thats the worst than can happen since that encourages people to camp and getting oneshot by every little bushcamper is no fun at all.
      FUCK more realism and fix the game and cat has a pretty good idea how that should look like.


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