APS recoil is unrealistic

On the screenshot at the top you can see an overlay of the two most extreme ends of teh recoil put on top of each other. That recoil cone is far tighter than what you get ingame

As you can see, the recoil is overexagerrated. But it has no basis for this in reality. The first 3 shots are what makes the weapon useless, because enemy return fire from any other weapon during these 3 shots will be more accurate.

 This feels like they are "nerfing" the gun, Just like the grenade, IR scope, visors, were broken by these gamey balance attempts. Tarkov should give us the real true to life weapon system and balance them by price, NEVER by changing the mechanical performance of the weapon. This is some gamey casual BF1 level of gameplay balance that should have no place in EFT. Because EFT is the best FPS out there because of uncompromising realism.


  1. i agree with "Tarkov should give us the real true to life weapon system".
    but i think thay should just use a player market to balance the prices of things then the better weapons going to be desired thus cost more on the player market.


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