Dogtags destroy economy (again)

The dogtags are ruining economy again. They first appeared at the end of 2017 when someone had an idea to make them give cash rewards. Some people quickly tried to warn of the danger of that.

>>>Dogtag money destroyed the economy and cheap assault rifles make sure it can not be repaired

After the ecomony was flooded with free cash for anyone playing factory and won a hatche fight, the developers said they would reduce the money received. But that did not last for long, because dogtag cash is also tied to level of the dogtag holder. Current situation:

This is the reward for playing factory for 2 hours. And then there is this:

This is a level 19 dogtag, selling for more than a gold chain. This means a level 19 player is a walking loot container with a free gold chain.

And to top it off, this one. This is worse than the gun shop on interchange. In 2 weeks, most players will have reached level 35, means 1+ hour of factory fighting will get you literally a free M4 with a value of nearly a quarter million roubles.

  • The dogtags are a corrosive substance that eats away at the realism of the game because it effectively is a killstreak reward like in COD, because the developers consistently try to bolt this killstreak reward onto a game that is not supposed to have these rewards.
  • This will flood the game with free M4s and destroy the economy just like salt being diffused into seawater makes the water undrinkable. Here is how it works: Every average player will get 7 dogtags  in 1-2 hours of playing. Then he gets that M4, loses it to another player and eventually everyone has one. Then the very familiar thing happens, the game becomes boring because the weapon variety is sucked out of the game, just like every other wipe before. It is like a clockwork. Some stupid bonus thing always has to ruin it.
  • The developers should let go of this I would call it obsession to have a linear loot ramp where the game is about fun and tough decisions and struggle for the first day. Then it continuously loses all these features to the game being flooded with money and M4s and other assault rifles. The game needs to be challenging and difficult 10 minutes after a wipe and 3 months after it. But we never get that, we always get a static loot progression like in a single player game or a MOBA game, where you "unlock" better gear and never have to go back to the very exciting tough gameplay of a new wipe. 


  1. True. Please make sure, you get this message to the devs. They way you put it, it's impossible to ignore it.

  2. Yes, 2 hours of dogtag farming will be enough for idk not even 2 runs of gameplay with rifles. And i count that with relatively cheap gear. Just basic Blackrock, ScavBP, Paca, Ak and meds&ammo. Considering it is all you can bring with you when you die(the most valuable per slot except GGcoins etc), i believe it is necessery. What bothers me however is how big of a difference between Gamma Case and Alpha case when losing. It certainly lets you retain far more wealth when you die which changes the balance in this .


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