Ambient Weapon Jamming Features

In the 2016 developer report, BSG showed off and explained the planned weapon jamming features.

From what I could find out, the planned features are:

  • Failure to load from magazine
  • Stovepipes (casing gets stuck in eject port)
  • Overheating (supposedly from full auto fire)
  • Weapon exploding
  • Catastrophic failure (weapon completely broken, impossible to fix in combat)

The way I think it is going to work, is that the lower the weapon durability, the higher the chance for a jam. So I had the idea to expand that a bit.

Ambient Weapon Jamming Features

I am calling this ambient because it would influence the weapon because of ambient factors. There should be 2 types, one that affects durability, and one that only affects the next few shots without affecting durability.

Durability-affecting jamming, caused by:
  • Weapon is physically hit in combat by a bullet. This is obvious and straightforward, a direct hit on the gun should take a chunk out of the gun or even completely break it. This would force players to carry a backup pistols, adds another layer of things to consider in combat.
  • Player is going prone after a sprint. This would mean he violently dives to the ground, bumping the gun into hard surfaces. This should only take a tiny amount of durability, and not always.
  • Player bumps the gun quickly against objects. This should with a low probability, add small amounts of durability damage. This is obviously supposed to be subtle. Not like an axe murderer scraping a shovel across concrete in a slasher movie.
  • Throwing a weapon on the ground.

All of the above are "physical abuse factors". Now let me explain the softer weapon abuse factors, that do not affect durability, but affect the chance for a jam for the next few shots.

  • Player is shooting the weapon on dusty, muddy or wet ground. Dust, mud or water is kicked up by the shots, some of this can creep into the mechanism and increase the chance for a jam. I think this is not too far fetched as weapons in real life are tested for dusty or humid conditions. Also wether the player is prone, or standing or crouched should have different intensities of the effect, being closer to the ground, increasing the chance for jams.
  • A variation of the above, Enemy bullets are impacting near the player, and if the surface impacted is dusty, it would affect the next shots. An example would be plaster walls in offices and houses. The dust and particles filling the area after impacts should increase the chance to jam.
  • Some areas should naturally be more dusty and therefore affect jamming. Like some of the office rooms in factory, they have visible dust particles floating in the room.
 These soft jamming enviromental conditions would add a new gameplay layer because players would have to keep in mind rough handling of weapons. All of this is supposed to be very subtle, just adding a bit of extra jamming probabilities in certain situations. So when the player goes prone, full auto in a heated battle, dust flying everywhere, the ammo is junk, the weapon was abused before many times, then it jams and the players goes NOT NOW YOU STUPID PIECE OF JUNK.


  1. I'm really looking forward this feature and i find your point of view very constructive. Awersome work, maybe BSG will read it (hopefully)


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