Tarkov needs more Gear Fear: Magazines

Let's talk about the price of magazines. And Gear Fear. Gear Fear is a core part of the game. A player has to purchase or loot gear and then decide to field it in a raid, which carries the risk of losing it. This adds meaning to the battle and value to the gear. If something is easy to get, it is not of much value. And if something is of value, then it is because it was not easy to get. Magazines are parts of the gear pool that are not covered by that fear. Let's examine:

Note: All magazines mentioned are for 5.45 but the core issues apply to other calibers too. If not mentioned otherwise, all prices are in roubles.

Magazines for the 5.45 caliber come in four different sizes:

  • 10 round magazines. These are found on scavs and are the standard magazines of any scav that carries an AKS-74U. They are not of much value, because they are very common and they only have a low capacity. They are a one-slot item so they can be equipped in pockets without the need for vests. However that advantage never comes into play as a basic scav vest is easy to acquire.
  • 30 round magazines. The standard choice for all players. They are sold for under 2000k. They are also very hard to lose, as they are not picked up a lot off corpses. Most players looting other players go for the large pieces of loot like guns and leave the tactical rigs with magazines behind. Because lingering near a corpse is dangerous.
  • 45 round magazine. 50% more capacity than the standard magazine. Extremly rare in combat. Most players avoid using them at all. The reason is the logistics required to field it. A 3 slot vest costs upwards of 40k. The other reason they are so unpopular is the 60 round magazine.
  • 60 round magazine. 100% more capacity. These completely outperform both 30 and 45 round magazines, with none of the disadvantages of a 45 round magazine, because they fit into a 2 slot space.


The 10 and 45 round magazines are balanced out of the game, because the 30 and 60 round magazines outperform them  and the price difference is not large enough to go for the smaller magazines. And I think that is bad. I think all magazines should be relevant in the game for each player at different times, depending on their economic situation. The pricing structure should be changed like so:

  • 10 round magazine: 4000 roubles.
  • 30 round magazine: 10000 roubles. 
  • 45 round magazine: 15000 roubles.
  • 60 round magazine: 45000 roubles.
Now this might seem crazy, but hear me out. Let's start from the back end. The 60 magazine should be prohibitively expensive, like a suppressor. Because it offers an immense tactical advantage in several ways:

  • It has 2x the capacity of a 30 magazine. No reload required while an opposing player has to take a 5 second timeout to reload in combat.
  • It has no disadvantages like increased slot size as the 45 magazine. This means one 4x2 vest can carry 240 rounds of ammo. That is more than needed in any firefight. This also devalues larger vests, because why buy a 40+ k vest so it can fit a few 45 magazines? Why risk the extra cost?

The 45 magazine should only cost 5000 more than a 30 magazine. Why not put it at 25k between the 30 and 60? Because of the added logistics cost of having to buy an expensive vest. This would give players an incentive to get it over a 30.

The 30 magazine should cost 10k because that would move the magazine out of the "trash found on every corpse" to "item that is valuable enough to care about it". Similar to the price increase of medical items back in November 2017. Before, medical stuff was trash one picked up when needed. But now a painkiller costs 4300. Meds became an important financial consideration before the raid.

Resale value

The resale value of magazines should be drastically lowered, so players can not get rich off scav loot, because 10 round magazines will be all over the place.

Closing Words

If one item is so good at what it is supposed to do that it virtually removes other items from the game, then it should be priced higher to make the inferior item viable for use. And in this case the 60 magazine removes both the 45 magazine and special large vest from the game. If the gear fear also made very small capacity magazines a viable choice in certain low-cash situations, then this creates more tactical gameplay pressure, and that is missing a few hours after a wipe because 30 magazines and 4 slot vests are the standard after that.

Hey! I have another idea:

Add durability to magazines.

  • So they can degrade and increase the chance of a jam.
  • Looted magazines should always have a considerable amount of wear. So buying brand new from a trader has an advantage.
  • Repairing magazines should NOT be possibe. This way players slowly have to replace their magazines or risk more jams. This feeds more cash back into the game


  1. As always, BSG please hire this guy to manage everything that bridges the gap between realism and fun, challenging gameplay

  2. I think that would provide to insane amount of hatch player and low amount of supergeared palyers, Players with middle skill would get ride of they moneys beocus of magazins.


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