Tarkov needs more realism: Scopes

For me, EFT is the closest one can get in a videogame to how it feels to handle a firearm in real life. No other game comes close to it. It is not just about shooting a weapon, but also about loading it, loading its magazines, chambering it, emptying the chamber, checking the magazine. This is very high fidelity weapon interaction.

But when it comes to scopes, it becomes very disappointing, as scopes are reduced to simply pressing page up or page down to range it. That is all the interaction currently possible with these devices. We might get some more options, like variable zoom on some scopes or reflex sights but that appears to be all of it. But does it have to be this simplified? Why not apply the same level of fidelity with scopes as for weapons? The developers already invested heavily in making certain scopes look true to life, like the NSPU-M night vision scope. Take a look:

The developers successfully recreated several optical effects that drive home the magic of looking through a scope on the NSPU-M. For example, the light poles coming into view at the botton of the scope, they are vertically parallel, but at the edges of the lens there is a perspective distortion. Then there is that wonderful grainy fuzz and color shifting. Whoever on the BSG team made this possible really went out of their way to deliver the best possible effect. This is what sets BSG apart from ARMA or SQUAD, they don't go for barely good enough, they deliver the best.

So why not extend this to the scope's functionality? From what I could piece together, the PSO 1-2M-1 as featured in the game, has two dials that are accessible for adjusting the scope in combat. The elevation knob on the top, and the windage knob on the right of it.

The top knob (phrasing!) can be removed and switched out between two different options, one for 5.45 caliber and the other for 9x39.

What I would like to suggest:

  • Add full fidelity to all scopes or reflex sights. This means all knobs should be usable ingame with the same stepping as in real life. If there is a brightness knob or button, it should be added. This does not have to be hand-animated, just having the knobs click and rotate would be good enough.
  • If the work is too much to cover all sights, remove some sights from the game, because if you ask me, I would rather have only 5 different optical sights instead of 50 if they are modeled with full fidelity. BSG-level quality over quantity.
  • Remove the arma-invented tyranny of the page up and page down key setup, it is primitive and outdated.

  • The new scope controls could all be moved to the keypad side of the keyboard, because in real life, operating the knobs and buttons requires the shooter to let go of the gun with one hand (phrasing combo x2!), so having to reach over the keyboard to operate them makes sense in an immersive sense. Please no convoluted alt key combos. As PC gamers we can easily make use of the whole keyboard. Being overly economic with hotkeys belongs to console gamepads.
  • This would drastically increase the "feel" sense of operating a scope and add the magic of operating it, just like guns.
  • In the current page key ranging, the magic of interacting with it is not present and most red dots feel the same. Which turns the scope options into a non existing optical decoration, just like a muzzle brake or different pistol grip. But they can be much more. And BSG has the right people to take this to the top.
  • All reflex scopes should have their reticles tinted in the exact same way as in real life, with the small color shifts that gradually change with lighting conditions. You can see this on some reflex sights in real life, some have the edges of their lines on the reticles fade from red-orange to pink-white.
  • Also, this one might be very work-intensive, but worth it: Allow us to freely slide the scope on the rail in the modding screen so we can set the eye relief to what we want. This option could be skipped for grips and flashlights, but for scopes it would really increase fidelity.
  • Seriously devs, plz consider this. Because we got no other game that gets this close to realistic weapon use in a game. You are the only hope for this.  If you don't go full fidelity, no other company will anyway. Go for max fidelity. It will set a new standard for optical scopes in video games.
  • Some might say too much realism might hurt gameplay. But realism is a never-ceasing source of gameplay. That is why I bought EFT, for that realism that is so deep Adele can't roll in it.


  1. Only concern with your scope suggestion is those who don't have full keyboards with numpads. A lot of people like myself prefer to run tenkeyless and it would not be fun having to buy a seperate numpad just to range I imagine, though I would be willing to do it personally. Otherwise I like the ideas!


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