Let's make real Terminator Scavs

Imagine we could build the perfect scav. A scav that can not be bargained with, reasoned with, that does not feel pity or remorse or fear and that absolutely will not stop until you are dead.

I think what I mean was

A scav that can not be bargained with tushonkas, reasoned with, that does not wiggle or feel remorse or GEARfear and that absolutely will not stop until you hoof it to the extract like a b#+4c.

What am I talking about this time you might wonder. In a recent very bad decision, the developers lowered the scav timer to 10 minutes. This is very bad for the game economy as it
  • allows weak players too get too much cash without effort.
  • allows experienced players to get even more cash without effort.
  • sucks anything below AK-74N out of the game.

However there is one small interesting advantage to 10 minute scavs. It floods the game with player-controlled scavs to chase PMC players. Scav mode has two intended purposes:

  • It provides players who can't aim with risk-free way to get gear and money. The problem with that it rewards bad players for being bad. Players should fear being out of cash and having to resort to makarovs sometimes. Yes, makarovs. The game should be so hard that you have to use the weakest weapons because you do not have better weapons. No free vepr welfare with the option of getting the gear from a dead PMC. At least not every 10 minutes. You might think this is "elitist". And it should be elitist. EFT was made for fps players who want something with hard difficulty.

  • It adds player controlled enemies for PMC players to fight after most PMCs died early in the raid. This creates unexpected encounters and unexpected is a great thing.

So on one side, low scav timers ruin the economy but they also add player scavs to existing raids. These two options can not exist together. So how about we tweak this?

Terminator Scavs 

How about we split scav mode into two different modes:

  • Regular scav mode
    • This is the current scav mode as it is, with a 60 minute timer. Something rare you have to carefully use when you need it.

  • Terminator scav mode
    • Imagine a scav mode where the scav is not worried about avoiding combat with pmcs because he already has a backpack with nice loot he found. As we know, once a scav finds an AS VAL or M4, the incentive to fight pmcs nosedives to zero and the scav sneaks to the exit to preserve the loot. How to remove that GEARfear? By removing the scav's option to keep the gear he finds this round. 

Yes, no gear to collect. Your only goal is to ruin the PMCs in the raid. You have no fear to lose anything and can fully concentrate on combat. And then, a 10 minute timer or even no timer can work. Imagine you are a PMC and you have the constant fear of scavs chasing you at any time, and they are not bound by the fear of preserving loot. This would create the most epic battles and it would serve as a training mode for new players to learn the game without giving them and endless cash supply. This is like an AI scav with a smarter AI. The devs could flood the map with player scavs at different times and save server performance because the CPU time used for AI is gone and used for networking players. And for PMCs, fighting player scavs that are there to win the fight instead of sneaking to the exit it will make the game a better experience. Because fewer defenseless AI loot cows, and more human scavs.

One more thing:
Terminator scavs would get a reward if they successfully kill players AND get out alive. Both things, kill and extract. Not just one. The reward would be a scav upgrade for their next scav game.

A scav kills 3 players and gets out alive. His scav level for the next game would be "3" and he would spawn with better gear, until he loses a round by ending up dead or leaving without a PMC kill. This way all Terminators start out as makarov scavs and can stack their bonuses  up to spawning with an M4 on very long winning streaks. And because they can not keep the gear for the stash, it does not pump cash into the economy. This detaches scav mode from GEARfear, provides PMCs with harder scavs and creates a training mode for players without damaging the economy.

If he would have ran to the exit with that shotgun after looting it, Sarah Connor would be dead.



  1. These are mostly, bad ideas. Scav timer, while right now might be on the short side, shouldn't be 60 minutes. Players need some kind of catchup mechanic, especially new players. You want to grow the community not decrease it. Having them not be able to loot and the only reward being a better scav next scav run? This is moronic and will do nothing but make NO ONE play scav runs.

    On the part of scav runs being 10 min timer right now, it's still in testing, the released game will operate completely differently. The economy wont get ruined because of the scav karma system which will put a check on a scav killing an NPC scav for say, an SKS that can do dmg to armor. They will have to work much harder for their kills.

    I agree with you that then scav timer as is would be far too short for a final release version in the state of the game as is, but this isn't the case. You're complaining about nothing essentially. All of your points will be moot when the game operates completely differently at release, and we have hideouts, player auctions, and trading with friends.

    The base features of scavs shouldn't change. Yes this game appeals to a more hardcore audience, but even the hardcore fucks up or has a bad string. Your ideas will do nothing but shrink the playerbase to virtually nothing.

  2. I like the idea that scav cannot bring weapons back. But other loot? You can also find rare keys and loot? Or would you go so far, nothing can be extracted as scav? That would diminish the incentive completely to play scav. Hunting players without reward that helps the main character move forward seems pointless. Somehow scav mode and main character mode should be interrelated.
    The loot system could be modified and prevent rare loot (e.g. keys) to spawn for scavs. But what incentive would a scav player have?

  3. I tend to agree the ideas are bad. But I know where they come from. He likely plays the game a *large* amount of time and has simply gotten bored. He's looking around for *why* he is bored and is blaming it on the economy and *easy* availability of high end loot. What he is missing is that because he knows all the maps inside and out, has hundreds of hours into the game, and is over level 30-40, that *he* is the reason he is bored. A new player doesn't know the maps, doesn't know the game, can't hardly buy anything, has mostly crap ammo and armor available and if he has a standard account he doesn't have a gamma for completely risk free loot runs, key runs, etc. Heck he also doesn't have enough room in his stash to stock up on guns and armor either. So the game me or him are playing right now feels totally different then the game a brand new player will be playing if he started today.

    This wipe I've only played scav a handful of times and its almost always factory with the intention of shooting everyone I see, totally un-interested in the loot. I've noticed the same thing among a number of my friends. Yet a new player *needs* that low scav timer for the loot, for learning the maps, and for learning the combat and mechanics.

    Lets say you run factory, and just run straight for the exit each time with your scav gear. You'll earn 40-80k per run. Lets say you go right on each timer and die only once so you get 5 runs per hour. Thats 200k-400k per hour. That buys you a Fast-MT with visor, Gen4 armor and maybe a rig. No gun, no ammo, no meds. So your going to need to do that "free money" scav run for 2-3 hours straight to setup a top-end kit. 3-4 runs will buy you an untar, SKS, rig, backpack and meds. Or if your lucky you might get most of that in 1-2 runs, repair the scavenged armor and use the SKS and just buy the backpack and meds.

    I honestly don't see the problem with players being given the option to kit out their PMC with something that gives them a fighting chance. I mean is it really that much fun for you to roll over a few naked PM pistol wielding new players when your decked out in fort? Or is it that *you* want to go around with a PM pistol fighting fort players? Because nothing is stopping you from just down-kitting and running cheap gear for the challenge? If you need to stress/fear/risk then be sure to carry an item case in your backpack, your keybar in your pocket, or just run with 100k in your pockets each match as a "winners fee" for anyone who kills you!

    1. If the game is designed to make it easy for new players then it will be too easy for experienced players. There is no way around it, new players have to adapt to the difficulty, and that is fun. When I played tarkov for the first time it was magical, having to figure out the systems and what to do.


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