3 reasons the 10.5 economy will remain too easy

I would like to make a prediction for the upcoming 10.5 patch. For that I will assume 3 conditions. The first one is the flea market and what it offers. I am going to assume it will still offer weapons to fixed prices you can buy from AI traders. For example, an AK-74N will still be available for 39k or a minor variation of that price. This is the first pillar that makes the game economy suck. Here is why:
  • If a weapon is offered for a fixed price, the free market for it will collapse, because no player will be able to sell that weapon for above the trader's price.
  • This has a cascading effect on other weapons. An AK-74N is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, if its price is too low compared to other weapons that are weaker, these weapons will entirely disappear from the game. This has been like this for years. No one buys an AKS-74U because its disadvantages are not represented with a large enough price gap to the AK-74N. And its advantages, like compact size were washed out by reddit demands to ruin weapons being pushed aside when enemies or objects get close.

The second pillar of suck is reselling prices to AI traders. If weapons can still be sold for fixed prices to the AI traders, this will happen:

  • The economy will get inflated with endless supplies of cash, because an MP153 with a flashlight will be sold for 20k. No player has any use for that weapon for that price, but the AI happily buys it. That is free cash being pumped into the economy and it is so easy to get anyone can do it. Imagine 20k, from nearly every scav you kill. Effortlessly.
  • This inflation then makes cheap weapons obsolete, as the average gear level of players is shifted beyond AK-74N. Pistols, SMGS, and shotguns then disappear from the game. This is a classic example of too much stuff for everyone limiting the game experience, we are all being screwed out of the full game, because most weapons are obsolete.

The third pillar is the 10 minute scav timer.

  • It offers any player, no matter the skill level, instant cash. Go into factory, run to the exit with what you spawn, you get an instant 20-30k. every 10 minutes. This amplifies the inflation problem as explained above. What caused this was the cries of weak casual players demanding everything to be easy to get, because they have 9 wives, 37 children and only 5 microseconds per day to play. I hope they don't tell their wives that they need a 26k mosin to survive a raid, because then they might walk out on them for sucking too hard at this game.

What are the consequences of these 3 pillars?

  • Flea market will be reduced to G.A.S.E. (Gas Analyzer Stock Exchange), because the only items with a truly free price will be quest items that no one likes to collect but everyone has to find to to the retarded quests BSG likes to insist on. You will be able to see how much players hate quests and level gates by the gas analyzer prices.
  • The game will reward repetitive loot farming over better play. Because what use are better tactics and luck when your enemy grinds maps and scavs for loot like a pack mule? Proof of this, watch streamers right now:

IR scopes, expensive M1A with scopes, heavy armor. Average players (streamers) have endless supply of the best gear.

So it that the Tarkov we want? Streamers bunnyhopping through maps with 6b43 and an M1A with drum mags? All of Tarkovs "pre-wipe" problems would not exist if the game was challenging on day one as it would be on day 500. But instead the game is stuck in a loot ramp, where everyone gets the best stuff after 10 minutes of playing. What would fix it instantly, would be removing selling items to the AI. The moment players would be stopped from selling useless shotguns to traders the game would reward smart play and interacting with the market. Remove the free cash pump and reward players that sell things that other players want. Not those that are good at running through maps with large backpacks.


  1. I love your ideas! What would happen if players ran out of cash in the beginning of a wipe? No welfare or just they gotta stick it out with a hatchet and hopefully find a AK to sell off to the market?

    I'm also curious how a completely player driven market would work, because that would require people constantly selling and buying objects up to the market at a consistent rate. The only thing I can see wrong is that without AI traders we might lose a consistent way of getting weapons, especially towards ends of wipes where people stop playing slowly.

    1. If they would run out they should go in with nothing or get a toz with 2 shots. Once players learn to fear that bottom of the gear end they will be more careful not to get there.

      If the market does not sell enough weapons then players can still get weapons by killing scavs or finding them in the game.

      The game is overrun with casual players who want everything easy, but they are digging themselves into a hole, because always getting what they want makes the game boring, and that is what causes people to think of "wipes" as something necessary. But a wipe is only fun (for a week) because it resets the game to a state where having to manage gear matters.


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