Let's not lose the magic

I can tell you a story about cs. Have a moment?

Back in 1999 on June 10th, I was one of the first 30 people who were not devs to ever play cs. It was cs_mansion, the buy menu did not work and I had a glock. Back then, CS was the EFT of its time. It had superior weapon animation, realistic recoil and realistic weapon characteristics like real magazine sizes. Most other fps games still tried to clone quake or duke3d. And supposed "tactical" games revered today for their "realism" like the tom clancy earliest rainbow six games, were muppet shows compared to CS. They did not have first person weapon models, reload animations, or solid mp gameplay.

CS had all of that. Let me tell you how magical it was:

For the first few versions, the losing team would get NO cash. So after a losing streak, of a few rounds, the losing team had to setup elaborate ambushes with pistols trying to lure enemy players so they can acquire an automatic weapon. There was this sense of awe when yo…

Market Price Survey 8/2018

Wird geladen...

Tarkov needs more Free Market

In a recent 0.10 preview post, the developers announced that the "flea market" will be in the next patch, in August. Let's take a look at what they said:

Let's decipher the press chatter into something that a customer can understand better.


Then comes the best part:

"Most of our developers are on holiday leave so we won't get anything done for 3 months so we will declare fixing bugs as a great feature you should be thankful for."
But not only BSG is doing this, Ubisoft did that last year when they dropped any content for "Operation health" and declared a list of bugfixes they have to do anyway as some kind of  important healing process. Similar codewords are "quality of life". Whenever you hear a developer use these words, it means no content, just bug fixes, which are being sold to you as something you should be thankful for.
But, this is not the main point of thi…



Recoil Efficiency

Recoil Damage Efficiency This statistic shows how much damage is fired per unit of recoil experienced.Higher means more damage for less recoil.

Recoil Penetration EfficiencyThis statistic shows how much penetration is fired per unit of recoil experienced.Higher means more penetration for less recoil.Weapons like the VSS and RSASS deliver considerably more penetration at lower recoil.
Conclusions  What can be learned from this?

When it comes to applying damage, without regard for penetration, then SMGs and shotguns reign over all other weapon types, except for the 9x39 caliber weapons.Assault rifles and battle rifles share very similar ratios.When penetration is the main factor, then battle rifles and the 9x39 weapons score high. Assault rifles and SMGs get pushed lower.

KEDR / KLIN Weapon Guide


Advantages of Low Pen Ammo