Tarkov needs more realism: Scopes

For me, EFT is the closest one can get in a videogame to how it feels to handle a firearm in real life. No other game comes close to it. It is not just about shooting a weapon, but also about loading it, loading its magazines, chambering it, emptying the chamber, checking the magazine. This is very high fidelity weapon interaction.

But when it comes to scopes, it becomes very disappointing, as scopes are reduced to simply pressing page up or page down to range it. That is all the interaction currently possible with these devices. We might get some more options, like variable zoom on some scopes or reflex sights but that appears to be all of it. But does it have to be this simplified? Why not apply the same level of fidelity with scopes as for weapons? The developers already invested heavily in making certain scopes look true to life, like the NSPU-M night vision scope. Take a look:

The developers successfully recreated several optical effects that drive home the magic of looking thro…

Ambient Weapon Jamming Features

In the 2016 developer report, BSG showed off and explained the planned weapon jamming features.

From what I could find out, the planned features are:

Failure to load from magazineStovepipes (casing gets stuck in eject port)Overheating (supposedly from full auto fire)Weapon explodingCatastrophic failure (weapon completely broken, impossible to fix in combat)

The way I think it is going to work, is that the lower the weapon durability, the higher the chance for a jam. So I had the idea to expand that a bit.

Ambient Weapon Jamming Features I am calling this ambient because it would influence the weapon because of ambient factors. There should be 2 types, one that affects durability, and one that only affects the next few shots without affecting durability.

Durability-affecting jamming, caused by:
Weapon is physically hit in combat by a bullet. This is obvious and straightforward, a direct hit on the gun should take a chunk out of the gun or even completely break it. This would force playe…

M4 Recoil - The Hard Truth



28.6.2018 Some observations:

9x39 will perform 2x as well as other calibers of the same penetration value. This means that there are invisible parameters beyond penetration power that govern how much armor damage is caused.

Example:5.45 BS has penetration of 50, but only the same armor damage as a 9x39 SP6 (penetration 32).An SP-6 is more expensive than a 5.45 BS but considering the weapon it was made for comes with an integral suppressor and firing it has practically no recoil makes the 9x39 a very dangerous and very overlooked cartridge.

Thanks to the "sheer force" shotgun SJWs screaming for more armor damage, a simple 20x70 TOZ shot will do 8 armor damage against 6b43, which is more than the most powerful sniper cartridges. And that is not realistic because a single buckshot pellet has less muzzle energy than a 9x18 round. I hope BSG will fix that as it appears to be an oversight. The developers appear to have used 1 shotgun pellet = 1 armor point as a base value but forgot…

Cheap armor destroys the economy

Welcome to another episode of the reddit easy brigade ruining EFT and BSG complying with it for no logical reason.

At first, this new patch (0.86) looked exciting, something new about armor. But then I looked at the price tags. Ghzel was reduced from 70k to 48k. Other armors suffered similar price drops. And I use the word suffered, because it has a cascading effect on the game's economy. Armor is too cheap, and so are rifles.

Let's go through this sequence.

Back in March, the game became pretty repetitive and boring. Every streamer was always seen with 6b43 armor, and his favorite weapon, usually an M4 with drum mag. Their stashes were full of the best gear.Then something great happened. BSG increased armor prices. A class 3 armor would cost nearly 450$, a class 4 70k. This increase in armor cost, put heavy armor out of reach for everyday use. Players had to make difficult decisions, because the cost of a full class 4 set would cost 120k (with helmet). Players were not seen a…

Glitches should be public because they are not cheats

While browsing the EFT forum and the reddit, I have noticed something was off. The reddit staff was threatening people with new rules. That is nothing noteworthy as the staff there is always craving for new ways to trap people so they can ban them. But what was new about this ruleset was the insistence on forbidding discussion of exploits or glitches. In the same sentence with cheats.

That is weird. The "pistol glitch" has been in the game for a long time. It was fixed, then reappeared. So why this particular rule today? It became more interesting 3 posts down.

The lead developer threatening a "last chance" and a lengthy post trying to defend the idea that glitches should not be public and for everyone to see.

Definition of a glitch First let's examine what a glitch is. A glitch, or exploit, is an unintended and/or unexpected flaw in the game that gives the user an unintended advantage. This is why it is called an exploit. A flaw in the game is exploited.


Firefight Theory

Let's try to explore what is the core of Tarkov.

The hamsterwheel
The basic gameplay can be coarsely divided into two stages. Raid and stash. The events from one stage affect the next stage.

If we further divide the raid into its particles we have gunfighting and looting. I think the developers lately put too much focus on the looting and neglected gunfighting. But that is a post for another time.

You guess which part of the game.
Gunfighting If asked what the most exciting part of the game is for you, what would you answer? For me, it is the gunfighting. Looting, equipping gear, all the other things are fun supporting parts, but the core is the gunbattle. If you could narrow it down to what part of the gun battle you would find the most exciting to a second, what would it be?
For me, it's when the shooting starts.

This is when the rush, or the emotional high kicks in. The excitement of the fight is influenced by the risk involved. The winner gets the gear the loser was carryin…