The PP-19-01 Vityaz is a russian submachinegun designed in 2004. It is the 9x19 version of its larger sisters, the AK-74 and AKM.

The Vityaz comes in two variants currently in EFT.

PP-19-01 Vityaz
Base variant, featuring semi-automatic and automatic firemodes (700 RPM).

A civilian variant of the vityaz. Features a longer barrel, different muzzle break and is missing a dovetail mount. It comes equipped with a limited capacity 10-round magazine when found on scavs. It has no select-fire capability.

Note: The stats for both weapons (accuracy, velocity) are identical. This may indicate placeholder data, as the longer barrel on a Saiga-9 would suggest different muzzle velocity.

All modding parts are interchangeable between the Vityaz and Saiga-9.

Vityaz ammo The 9x19 is a standard pistol and SMG caliber for various weapons in EFT. Its advantages are good damage due to the large bullet diameter and relatively low recoil impulse, which makes it suitable for firing from pistols with mode…


The SA-58 is a copy of the of the legendary FN-FAL, a Belgian battle rifle, first issued in the early 1950s, which carries the fame of being one of the most produced modern rifles of the 20th century.

The SA-58 has one variant featured in EFT, which can be extensively modified. The weapon variants found in shops can differ from those found in the world, so there is no base configuration.

SA-58 ammo The7.62x51 entered service in 1951 as a full-size battle rifle caliber in the USA and became the standard rifle round for individual rifles and machine guns for armies of the western world. In EFT it is one of the most powerful rounds.
It is only paralleled by its russian sister cartridge, the 7.62x54R in penetration and damage. With the recent "plus ten" damage upgrade for battle rifle calibers, almost every hit up to class 4 can result in a one shot kill (if the center of mass is hit). This heavy power requires a sturdy weapon to fire it and the recoil requires discipli…


The Stechkin Automatic Pistol is a soviet select-fire pistol, first produced in 1951. It is chambered for the 9x18 round. Its intended use was for vehicle crews and officers.

It features select-fire (semi and automatic) and a cyclic rate of 750 RPM. The APB variant is sold with a detachable wire stock.

The Stechkin has two variants in EFT:

Base variant.

Suppressed variant. Features a suppressor. Also in Tarkov, this variant is sold with a detchable wire stock. The stock can be fitted on the APS variant. However the suppressor only fits on the APB variant.

9x18 vs 9x19, same graph scale

APS / APB Ammo The 9x18 is the weakest caliber in the game because of the low penetration capabilities. While weapons using 9x18 tend to be avoided by players because of the low penetration, there are a few potential advantages that are overlooked.

Most rounds are subsonic (slower than 334 meters per second) which makes it a natural choice for quiet shooting. The low kinetic energy allows the we…

The best ammo

Ammo types in EFT have several performance variables. Caliber, velocity, penetration power, damage, fragmentation chance and ricochet chance. Other variables are mentioned by the developers but these are the ones that are visible to players when looking at ammo sheets. So how to determine the best ammo? If we consider the effect on target, then the two main parameters of the terminal ballistic performance of a round are penetration power and damage.

Note: For detailed lists on ammo types, click on this link or navigate to the top of the blog or to the side bar.

This graph depicts the average penetration and damage of each available caliber. If these parameters are assumed to be the most important ones, then the dotted line represents an axis for measuring which one is the better caliber. Following this logic, the two battle rifle calibers are the best ammo in EFT. Followed by the 9x39, then 7.62x39, then the 5.56x45. These calibers have a clear ranking along the axis.

Let's look …