The world-eater. It will devour your enemies and your money. Valleys have been carved into mountains by rivers of tears from reddit posts complaining about the ammo cost. The weapon made famous by that game where a drunk guy fell off a truck in Pripyat without any recollection of the previous night. Chambered for the proprietary 9x39 round, the AS Val was designed for subsonicarmor-piercing wet work. It entered service in 1987.

The AS Val is an assault rifle with a similar control layout compared to the AK weapon systems. It features a firemode selector for semi-automatic and fully automatic fire on the right side. A foldable stock and an integral suppressor

Ammo The 9x39 was developed to solve the problem of lack of kinetic energy for subsonic ammo. Conventional ammo that was modified for subsonic speeds was too light to provide armor piercing capabilities. The 9x39 is a larger and heavier bullet than the 7.62x39. This translates into high damage output and high armor penetration in…

Cheap mosins is literally communism

Let's talk about the mosin price. And how it negatively affects the game. In this post I will examine different arguments for cheap mosins and disprove them.

I would like to preface this post by saying that the recent "plus ten" damage upgrade to battle rifle calibers is a great thing. The fear of one-shot weapons in EFT realistically portrays the massive power of these rounds and adds a new layer of danger to the game. Especially the one-shot capability up to armor class 4 is great, because it treats armor not as a forcefield that slows bullets down, but as a physical barrier that is either resisting or broken through by bullets. (This means an LPS and upwards will completely ignore up to class 4 armor and transport all of its hp damage to the target behind the armor).

However this firepower should not be cheap.

"The mosin is hard to use in close combat." This is a legend, a myth which never was true in EFT. It comes from other fps games, where powerful snipe…

Complete night operations guide

In this guide we will examine what EFT offers for night time combat.
What is nighttime? First let's define what nighttime is in EFT. I would define it as the time in which the use of flashlights and night-vision equipment has a tactical advantage over not using it. The edge of dawn and dusk times can be narrowed down to the following:

21:30 is the time of day where dusk transitions into night time. 05:00 is the time of day where dawn transitions into morning.

The passing of time Time in EFT passes approximately 5.5 times faster than in real life. This equals to one ingame hour as 12-15 minutes real time. This is important to keep in mind when preparing for a night mission. If you plan to spend 30 minutes in a map, appoximately 2.5 ingame hours will pass. So if the raid is started at 03:00 ingame time, then the sun will start rising near the end of your raid.

22:00. Note the last light of the sunset towards the west.
02:00. If the moon is out, moonlit areas are significantly bright…