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9x18 old article

Tarkov Ballistics Test 9x18

Welcome to Tarkov Ballistics, a series of articles testing the capabilities of the weapons in Escape from Tarkov. All weapons have been tested under live multiplayer conditions, and the path to results was paved with the corpses of many curious players that should have left us alone while testing.

All data was sourced directly from the game, gathered by me and my stunt crew, there was no data mining or other sources involved.

stunt crew:
Black_Baron, Swettsor, El_Presidente, Joe

Only 2 lethal accidents so far, caused by manufacturing faults in the OKP sight and faulty 7.62x39 ammo. The next of kin have been compensated with free M4 rifles and the gear of the dead stuntmen was tossed into the grass to prepare the ritual to appease the insurance gods.

If you are a youtube content creator and want to reference this data, then I ask for the courtesy of linking back to this site and mentioning it in the video. I do not wish this data to be copy-pasted to the tarkov ga…