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Bullet Drop Table 041706

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Bullet Drop As soon as a bullet leaves the barrel, the distortion in space time called gravity will start pulling it down. How quickly the bullet loses velocity and height depends on several things:

GravityMassAir resistanceVelocity As a player we can only control velocity and mass by selecting the bullet we want to load and the weapon to shoot it. While damage to players is currently not affected by muzzle velocity, bullet drop is very affected by it. Velocity depends on the mass of the bullet, the powder charge behind it, and barrel length.

The weapon stats update in realtime. If you want to check the currently loaded cartridge's  velocity you can do so by opening the weapon stats. Generally a longer barrel equals faster muzzle velocity, even with suppressors. However the MP5 SD suppressor actually slows down supersonic bullets to subsonic speeds.

Zeroing It appears weapon zeoring is not working yet as weapons and scopes seem to be zeroed at 0 meters.

PM (t) 9x18 PM

PM 9x18
v0.4.1.706  Price: 11215 R (calculated from resale value. The pistol can not be bought, only found.)

The (t) version with a threaded barrel. It fires the same 9x18 ammo and can use the same drum magazine. For a detailed review of the weapon system refer to the base PM Pistol.

Customization Customization is very limited, it can fit all the same parts as a regular Makarov pistol with the addition of the hybrid suppressor.

The suppressor costs 502 $ and requires an adapter for 42 $ at Skier. This makes the appearance of this configuration on the battlefield very rare.

Rating (pending means waiting for other weapon tests to complete before comparing)
Accuracy: x/10 Ammo Selection: 10/10
          14 types of ammo to select from, more than any other ammo in the game.Ammo Cost: x/10
Average Damage: 53.42
Average Price: 28.18 R Average Damage per R: 1.89 Cost: x/10 Customization: 2/10

Let us know in the comments what you think the rating should be and what categories for rating you wo…

PP-91 Kedr

PP-91 Kedr Price: 28380 R  (Prapor Level 1 + 2)

A very compact weapon with a foldable stock, designed to fire the 9x18 cartridge.
Designed for law enforcement and not for the mass consumer market, it offers not many option to mod it and it is crude in appearance. However as with many russian firearms functionality over aesthetics is the rule. And functional it is very.


Extremly compact and light, it requires only 2x3 inventory slots and does not weigh down the user as much as a rifle. The magazines, available in 20 and 30 round capacities, also each fit into one inventory slot, making this a very effective weapon for players with limited tactical vest capacity.
Kedr vest capacity:
10x 30-rd magazine = 300 roundsMP5 vest capacity:
4x 30-rd magazine = 120 rounds
Its compactness makes is very handy in tight spaces and the foldable stock can reduce the length even further down to that of a pistol.  Offers very high fire rate at 900 RPM and 14 different ammo types to ch…


AS VAL Price: 71305 R / 802 $ (7 MRE + 2 GM Counter)

Developed for the purpose of firing armor-piercing subsonic ammo. Because of the thick integral suppressor it is a favorite among the adolescent/young adult male players (there is a freudian component to that it appears).

In the last patch ( the ammo lost a lot of its armor piercing capability, which appears to not be a nerf to the ammo, but a buff to PACA which appears to represent much stronger armor (supposedly a stand-in until we get armor plates). Therefore the perceived armor piercing ability is lower. And with that wild claims of the uselessness of the weapon appeared.

If we believe these claims, the SP-5 ammo is so bad, it gives the enemy health back when shooting them and the SP-6 ammo is so bad it spawns a fully kitted M4 in the target's hands when it is hit.

9x39 ballistics chart

AS VAL doing a heckin concern to players after the 9x39 ballistics chart.

Let's assemble the facts.

The AS VAL costs 802 $. …

TT Tokarev

TT Tokarev Price: 7040 R (Prapor Level 4)

A favorite of many players, this pistol shoots at a considerably higher velocity than standard pistols.

7.62x25 ballistics chart

This has a very distinct advantage on accuracy and bullet drop and the fairly obvious fact that the bullet is at the target faster. As we can see in the image, the makarov would lose on a long range gun battle because keeping the sights on target is difficult because of the required elevation of the barrel to hit the target.

However the TT is 57% more expensive than a Makarov pistol and the ammo cost is twice as high, while only delivering 7% more damage on average at close range. At longer ranges, the TT's relative ammo cost is lower because the damage per rouble loses value slower than the Makarov ammo.
In direct comparison, base configuration, the Tokarev does not match up against the Makarov in close range, but it pays off at distances beyond 50-100 meters.

Accuracy We use two tests at two distances each (40 a…

PM 9x18PM

PM 9x18 Price: 4708 R (Prapor Level 4) (or 100% free because every scav and their pet dogs carry one)

The most basic pistol in the game. Highly compact, light and very affordable. It is all over the place, many scavs carry it and it is found in loot boxes. At a first examination it does not appear that exciting of a weapon, but it has the most varied ammo selection in EFT.

Accuracy Aimed shot accuracy Accuracy was tested at 40 and 80 meters. Five aimed shots, standing position. The ammo used was 9 BZT (the rated/recommended ammo). Each test is repeated with 2 shot groups.

 80 meters, aimpoint was the top edge of the object.
 40 meters, aimpoint was the top edge of the object.

Fast fire accuracy Firing as fast as possible, eight rounds.
80 meters
 40 meters

Customization Customization is very limited, only one item is available. The 84 round drum magazine.

It offers 84 capacity as advertised and promises -5 recoil, supposedly due to the extra weight and the lower center of mass. We …









Hand Grenades

Hand Grenades In this test we examine the three grenades available in EFT (v0.4.1.706).
We test each grenade for its capabilities in instantly killing, wounding, and hitting at all

Download printable .PDF

All grenades are almost guaranteed kill within a meter of a the target. However at 5 meters we did not have a single kill (in over 20 grenade throws per grenade type).

After the v0.4.1.706 patch damage is still very disappointing. There appears to be more even explosive damage within the damage zone, but fragments hitting targets even at 7 meters is very unlikely still. In the current state the grenades are as if they had no fragments at all because there are still too few fragments spawning or something else is off. In real life the F1 grenade is advertised as very dangerous and it should not be used without cover, but in the game 10 meters appears to be a perfectly safe distance.

March Tactical Scope

March Tactical Optical Scope In this article we examine the how to use the scope in combat.

The scope costs 626$ at Peacekeeper's shop and requires a 30mm scope mount for 42$ which makes it one of the more expensive items.

It can be fitted on the SV98, DVL-10, AK74, AKM, VPO 136/209, M4. It will not fit on weapons that can't fit a long picatinny rail. Therefore there is no way to mount it on the AKS74-U or AS-VAL.

The scope is stuck at a very high magnification. Therefore it is impractical for close combat so the use of a backup sight or pistol is advisable. To properly use the scope, going prone and stabilizing the aim with SHIFT for a few seconds is required for accurate fire. Note that SHIFT is a toggle, not a hold. Even with stabilized aim, the extreme magnification (compared to other scopes in the game) will exagerrate even small motions and it is not possible to completely remove the scope wobble. This might be changed once bipods are functional.

 (thickness of a line…