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APS recoil is unrealistic

On the screenshot at the top you can see an overlay of the two most extreme ends of teh recoil put on top of each other. That recoil cone is far tighter than what you get ingame

As you can see, the recoil is overexagerrated. But it has no basis for this in reality. The first 3 shots are what makes the weapon useless, because enemy return fire from any other weapon during these 3 shots will be more accurate.

 This feels like they are "nerfing" the gun, Just like the grenade, IR scope, visors, were broken by these gamey balance attempts. Tarkov should give us the real true to life weapon system and balance them by price, NEVER by changing the mechanical performance of the weapon. This is some gamey casual BF1 level of gameplay balance that should have no place in EFT. Because EFT is the best FPS out there because of uncompromising realism.

Suppressor Effects Demonstration

Test of hypersonic (BP) and subsonic (US) ammo with the AK74 with muzzle brake and suppressor. What appears to be missing is the supersonic crack for hypersonic ammo when fired with a suppressor.

0.8 Economics

The 0.8 changed a few things in the economics of the game. First let's talk about the good parts. Armor received a very strong price increase, PACA costing 25k (was 16k), the new class 3 armor vest costing 475$ and a class 3 UN helmet 358$.

This puts heavy armor slightly out of reach for every-raid use and has a knock-on effect for weapon attachments like suppressors or large magazines. Running a full set of armor and the best attachments is now exorbitantly expensive. This keeps the game from becoming boring for experienced players with a lot of cash.

Ammo is more expensive too. For details on that, read our 0.8 ammo preview

The 31k Kalashnikov problem However, AK assault rifles remain very cheap. The whole range of  AK rifles can be bought for anything between 22500 to 40000 roubles. The russian submachineguns, are within this price range. This is a problem, because any assault rifles outperforms any other weapon class in the game, for nearly the same price. This pushes weapon …

Cost to run (pistols)






In-Depth 0.8 Ammo Preview

As a Tarkov player, whether you want to remove stroganoff or remove hamburgers, the leading question is always what ammo to use. Our scientists  have examined the newest 0.8 data released by the developers.

(btw our sheets are updated with that data)

9x18 Let's go through this for each caliber. First we examine the 9x18 cartridge.
The changes are minimal, only the BZT round has a lowered base damage (-9) and the 9P has damage increase (+9). The penetration values remain unchanged. If the armor resistance levels remain the same as before 0.8 then no single 9x18 can penetrate class 2 armor.

9x19 The PST round gets a (+2) bump in penetration which might move its capability near class 3 penetration at close ranges. Base damage increased for PSO (+4) and CCI (+3).
(pre 0.8 armor resistance at 50 meters)
9x21 Penetration value changes for SP10 (+3), SP12 (-3), SP13 (+5). Base damage changes for SP10 (-1), SP12 (+4), SP13 (-4). Armor piercing types are moved firmly above class 3 resist…