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3 reasons the 10.5 economy will remain too easy

I would like to make a prediction for the upcoming 10.5 patch. For that I will assume 3 conditions. The first one is the flea market and what it offers. I am going to assume it will still offer weapons to fixed prices you can buy from AI traders. For example, an AK-74N will still be available for 39k or a minor variation of that price. This is the first pillar that makes the game economy suck. Here is why: If a weapon is offered for a fixed price, the free market for it will collapse, because no player will be able to sell that weapon for above the trader's price.This has a cascading effect on other weapons. An AK-74N is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, if its price is too low compared to other weapons that are weaker, these weapons will entirely disappear from the game. This has been like this for years. No one buys an AKS-74U because its disadvantages are not represented with a large enough price gap to the AK-74N. And its advantages, like compact size were washed …

Confirmed Weapons List

Coming Soon Features ListUpdated 6.11.2018  ----------- PL-14 9x19 pistol

No confirmed date.Source: Kalashnikov Report

(Presumably) Baikal 12 over under shotgun.

No confirmed date.Source: Kalashnikov Report
VPO-302, AK rifle with changable barrels for different calibers

No confirmed date.Source: Molot Arms Report dev video

AEK-919K Kashtan

No confirmed date.Source: Degtarev Report


No confirmed date.Source: Degtarev Report

Klean's recoil idea will ruin Tarkov / A story about zebras and crocodiles

Hello and welcome to another episode of me trying to put out a casual fire that is threatening to burn down the realism in EFT.

How recoil works right now in EFT:

Please pay close attention to the initial recoil impulse creating a strong kick for the first few shots, and then it settles down into a rythm the shooter can control.

This is realistic and backed by many gifs I have created from youtube videos. Take a look:

In this video, you can see Iraqveteran8888 "hipfiring an AR15 type weapon on full auto. While he is shooting, don't look at the weapon but instead look at what is happening to his upper body.
Do you see how when the shooting starts, his body is rocked back, then remains stationary more or less with a slight creep backwards until it quickly rocks back forth when the shooting stops.

 Now for the next example. This gentleman appears to be an experienced weapon user too (he is standing in front of a hesco wall). The same as in the first gif, upper body is rocked ba…

Ergo buffs in 0.10 is a casual iceberg about to ram the realism ship

Let's talk about ergonomics. It is one of the two main values that players watch for when modding weapons. Recoil and Ergonomics. In theory, it is a great idea. A weapon that is more ergonomic can be swayed around faster. It feels lighter.

But there are two problems with it:

The ergonomics modifiers on some attachments do not make sense.Recent reddit requests will cause the devs to exaggerate ergonomics modifiers. 
As for the first problem. Ergonomics in theory should work like this:

The less stuff you pack on your gun, the handier it is. If you put a scope on it, it adds extra weight and it adds an expensive fragile thing on top that makes you naturally handle it more careful (and slower). Imagine putting a 1000$ scope on your rifle in real life. Would you throw that gun into the back of your pick up truck? Let's keep this in mind: Ergonomics = How careful I have to be when handling it so nothing breaks.

The second part of ergonomics is how well you have a hold of the gun. A fr…