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Ergo buffs in 0.10 is a casual iceberg about to ram the realism ship

Let's talk about ergonomics. It is one of the two main values that players watch for when modding weapons. Recoil and Ergonomics. In theory, it is a great idea. A weapon that is more ergonomic can be swayed around faster. It feels lighter.

But there are two problems with it:

The ergonomics modifiers on some attachments do not make sense.Recent reddit requests will cause the devs to exaggerate ergonomics modifiers. 
As for the first problem. Ergonomics in theory should work like this:

The less stuff you pack on your gun, the handier it is. If you put a scope on it, it adds extra weight and it adds an expensive fragile thing on top that makes you naturally handle it more careful (and slower). Imagine putting a 1000$ scope on your rifle in real life. Would you throw that gun into the back of your pick up truck? Let's keep this in mind: Ergonomics = How careful I have to be when handling it so nothing breaks.

The second part of ergonomics is how well you have a hold of the gun. A fr…

Let's make real Terminator Scavs

Imagine we could build the perfect scav. A scav that can not be bargained with, reasoned with, that does not feel pity or remorse or fear and that absolutely will not stop until you are dead.

I think what I mean was

A scav that can not be bargained with tushonkas, reasoned with, that does not wiggle or feel remorse or GEARfear and that absolutely will not stop until you hoof it to the extract like a b#+4c.

What am I talking about this time you might wonder. In a recent very bad decision, the developers lowered the scav timer to 10 minutes. This is very bad for the game economy as it
allows weak players too get too much cash without effort.allows experienced players to get even more cash without anything below AK-74N out of the game.
However there is one small interesting advantage to 10 minute scavs. It floods the game with player-controlled scavs to chase PMC players. Scav mode has two intended purposes:

It provides players who can't aim with risk-free way to get gear …

Let's not lose the magic

I can tell you a story about cs. Have a moment?

Back in 1999 on June 10th, I was one of the first 30 people who were not devs to ever play cs. It was cs_mansion, the buy menu did not work and I had a glock. Back then, CS was the EFT of its time. It had superior weapon animation, realistic recoil and realistic weapon characteristics like real magazine sizes. Most other fps games still tried to clone quake or duke3d. And supposed "tactical" games revered today for their "realism" like the tom clancy earliest rainbow six games, were muppet shows compared to CS. They did not have first person weapon models, reload animations, or solid mp gameplay.

CS had all of that. Let me tell you how magical it was:

For the first few versions, the losing team would get NO cash. So after a losing streak, of a few rounds, the losing team had to setup elaborate ambushes with pistols trying to lure enemy players so they can acquire an automatic weapon. There was this sense of awe when yo…

Market Price Survey 8/2018

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Tarkov needs more Free Market

In a recent 0.10 preview post, the developers announced that the "flea market" will be in the next patch, in August. Let's take a look at what they said:

"Sell your loot in rag fairs and auctions."

Perhaps this would finally fix the static loot progression. At first I got excited. But then I read this:

"A: Flee market is a system that allows every player, when he hits a certain level, to put his items on sale. So you can put on sale any item in any amount and request certain items, that you have examined, in exchange (examined items will be included in the Codex). Number of your offers is limited, you can increase it by increasing your Trading skill. Every player will have a trading reputation which will provide certain bonuses. And most importantly – Flee market will have Advanced Search that will help to find, for example, certain weapon mods, ammo etc. There will be a convenient cataloging of all goods. Also, every trade will affect the market price of…