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Caveman mode official guide

Are you bored? I am. Let's try something new.

Let me show you my idea of an ideal Tarkov experience:

It is a beautiful 6:30 zulu time morning in Tarkov, but you don't care as you open the third floor fire escape door on the south end of the dorm building. As you point your gun into the poorly lit hallway, a shape is moving at the far end of it. A player is about to put a key into the marked room door. He looks back at you, reaching for his AKS-74U. Not enough time to aim, he fires his 30-round magazine at you. At the same time you empty your makarov 8-round mag at him. As you are hit in the shoulder your hand starts shaking and you increase your rate of fire.

As you furiously click to land more shot on your target, the gun slide locks back on the 6th shot. That PBM round you stuffed into the magazine 13 minutes before, as you were desperately loading it with anything you could find, the makarov refuses to cycle it. A hot round like the PBM is too much for the action and the pre…

How to fight macros

I would like to suggest on how to block macros used in the trading screen. Macros are used to instantly buy items, presumably by having the mouse pointer on the correct buttons. This gives users an advantage over players who use their mouse and therefore  I would classify this as a cheat. Because it is an external program used to get an advantage. Aimbots are very similar to a macro.

First, the game should detect that there is a macro being used. It could track the mouse pointer position and if it snaps to different locations on the screen (which are always the same spots) in a particular sequence, then that would be confirmation that a macro is used.
The second step would be to physically block the macro from performing a purchase. This could be done by disabling the DEAL button for a few seconds so the macro user can not proceed.
The third step would be to mark macro users with a custom color on their name, so all other players know this person is a macro user. This would deter some p…

Gunsmith Quests

Gunsmith Part 4 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 5 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 6 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 7 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 8 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 9 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 10 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 11 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 12 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 13 (click to enlarge)

Gunsmith Part 14 (click to enlarge)



3 reasons the 10.5 economy will remain too easy

I would like to make a prediction for the upcoming 10.5 patch. For that I will assume 3 conditions. The first one is the flea market and what it offers. I am going to assume it will still offer weapons to fixed prices you can buy from AI traders. For example, an AK-74N will still be available for 39k or a minor variation of that price. This is the first pillar that makes the game economy suck. Here is why: If a weapon is offered for a fixed price, the free market for it will collapse, because no player will be able to sell that weapon for above the trader's price.This has a cascading effect on other weapons. An AK-74N is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, if its price is too low compared to other weapons that are weaker, these weapons will entirely disappear from the game. This has been like this for years. No one buys an AKS-74U because its disadvantages are not represented with a large enough price gap to the AK-74N. And its advantages, like compact size were washed …