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Confirmed Weapons List

Confirmed Weapons ListUpdated 28.1.2018 

No confirmed date.
Source: April 2018 interview

No confirmed date.Source: April 2018 interview

No confirmed date. My estimate, until April 2019Source: Developer videos and tweets

TOZ-123 - 23mm 4-gauge shotgun

No confirmed date.Source: Developer tweet

PL-14 9x19 pistol

No confirmed date.Source: Kalashnikov Report

(Presumably) Baikal 12 over under shotgun.

No confirmed date.Source: Kalashnikov Report
VPO-302, AK rifle with changable barrels for different calibers

No confirmed date.Source: Molot Arms Report dev video

Klean's recoil idea will ruin Tarkov / A story about zebras and crocodiles

Hello and welcome to another episode of me trying to put out a casual fire that is threatening to burn down the realism in EFT.

How recoil works right now in EFT:

Please pay close attention to the initial recoil impulse creating a strong kick for the first few shots, and then it settles down into a rythm the shooter can control.

This is realistic and backed by many gifs I have created from youtube videos. Take a look:

In this video, you can see Iraqveteran8888 "hipfiring an AR15 type weapon on full auto. While he is shooting, don't look at the weapon but instead look at what is happening to his upper body.
Do you see how when the shooting starts, his body is rocked back, then remains stationary more or less with a slight creep backwards until it quickly rocks back forth when the shooting stops.

 Now for the next example. This gentleman appears to be an experienced weapon user too (he is standing in front of a hesco wall). The same as in the first gif, upper body is rocked ba…