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December 27th 2017
Game version: 050811 The new patch brought a quiet but very significant buff to the 9x19 caliber. The damage falloff at 100 meters was changed from 42% to 2.87%. What this means for the weapons:

SMGS and pistols retain almost all of their damage at all practical distances (there was minimal falloff even at 200 meters)In raw damage potential SMGS now remain viable next to rifle assault rifle calibers. However accuracy and armor penetration are still inferior.Updates to the new armor penetration is still pending, we are working our way through the levels to acquire all armor and weapon types. The sheets will be updated as soon as we test it.



Survey December 2017

Wird geladen...

Survey results will be posted here after some time.

VPO-209 Accuracy Sheet 042717

Download printable .PDF

Surprisingly accurate for a smoothbore "shotgun" with a rifled barrel end. At 130 meters there is only negligible difference in accuracy to the SKS or AKM. However the weapon kicks considerably harder than an AKM as it fires .366 (9.29mm) rounds. Under combat conditions, lining up accurate shots is not as easy as with an AKM.

SKS Accuracy Sheet 042717


AKM Accuracy Sheet 042717

Download printable .PDF

The point of aim is not necessarily on target, the shot group is superimposed on a helmet at 130 meters.

Tarkov is Pay to Win

Is Escape from Tarkov Pay-to-Win? Note: This was posted and quickly deleted on reddit by BSG-loyal fan moderators in an attempt to censor this blog. The Reddit moderators are directly controlled by BSG and censor any deviating opinion on the game. At the same time, posts defending EFT against P2W complains are allowed on reddit.

There has been recent controversy on whether EFT is P2W. Let's determine first what Pay-to-Win means.

By paying extra, a player gets an advantage ingame over players who do not pay extra.

Let's see if that applies to EFT.

Any edition beyond the standard edition offers more starting resources and weapons, and more significicantly, a larger stash.

Stash sizesStandard edition: 10x23Left Behind edition: 10x33Prepare to Escape edition: 10x43Edge of Darkness edition 10x63
A larger stash improves your success in EFT for many reasons:

More space for
Armor vestsLoad-Bearing vestsWeaponsMoneyBackpacks From this we can conclude that paying for a better edition of t…