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AKS-74U Muzzle Devices Test

AKS-74U Muzzle Devices
In this article we are going to examine the effects of different muzzle devices on an AKS-74U.
There are 7 different muzzle devices available in EFT currently (v. for the 5.45x39mm caliber. The PBS-4 is excluded from this test as it does not fit onto the AKS-74U, it only fits on the AKS-74UB.
Except for the PBS-4, all other muzzle devices are fit both on the AKS-74U and on the AK-74N.

Full-Auto Test Test Parameters For this test, a magazine (30 rounds) is fired at a door at 30 meters distance. The aimpoint is the center of the door. The shooter is standing, aim is stabilized by pressing shift. There is no mouse movement applied during the firing.

Note: In EFT, stabilizing your aim with the SHIFT key is not a hold, but a toggle.

No muzzle device

This is the standard muzzle brake that comes with the AK74-N. The vertical offset of the pattern after the first shot is as severe as without a muzzle device, however the grouping is tighter.

The sta…