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Bullet Drop

As soon as a bullet leaves the barrel, the distortion in space time called gravity will start pulling it down. How quickly the bullet loses velocity and height depends on several things:

  • Gravity
  • Mass
  • Air resistance
  • Velocity
As a player we can only control velocity and mass by selecting the bullet we want to load and the weapon to shoot it. While damage to players is currently not affected by muzzle velocity, bullet drop is very affected by it. Velocity depends on the mass of the bullet, the powder charge behind it, and barrel length.

The weapon stats update in realtime. If you want to check the currently loaded cartridge's  velocity you can do so by opening the weapon stats. Generally a longer barrel equals faster muzzle velocity, even with suppressors. However the MP5 SD suppressor actually slows down supersonic bullets to subsonic speeds.


It appears weapon zeoring is not working yet as weapons and scopes seem to be zeroed at 0 meters.


  1. 9x39 got 60cm drop from 100m? that's like pointing at somebody's head but scoring a dickshot instead!


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