March Tactical Scope

March Tactical Optical Scope

In this article we examine the how to use the scope in combat.

The scope costs 626$ at Peacekeeper's shop and requires a 30mm scope mount for 42$ which makes it one of the more expensive items.

It can be fitted on the SV98, DVL-10, AK74, AKM, VPO 136/209, M4. It will not fit on weapons that can't fit a long picatinny rail. Therefore there is no way to mount it on the AKS74-U or AS-VAL.

The scope is stuck at a very high magnification. Therefore it is impractical for close combat so the use of a backup sight or pistol is advisable. To properly use the scope, going prone and stabilizing the aim with SHIFT for a few seconds is required for accurate fire. Note that SHIFT is a toggle, not a hold. Even with stabilized aim, the extreme magnification (compared to other scopes in the game) will exagerrate even small motions and it is not possible to completely remove the scope wobble. This might be changed once bipods are functional.

 (thickness of a line indicates size of caliber)

Range Table

With this table we can determine the ballistic drop of the bullet on a specific distance. This is very important beyond 200 meters because bullet impacts effects (sparks, dirt) are not drawn at this distance anymore. Moreover, targets that have been successfully hit have no animation to display this so feedback on whether a shot was accurate is not existant at extreme ranges.

We tested the standard round of several weapons. While all weapons had the same ballistic drop at up to 175 meters, they diverge after with the 7.62x39 starting to lose stability first. The 5.45 and 5.56 perform very similarly and the 7N1 slightly outperforms the .308.

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  1. Really great Works Guys, i just tested this yesterday and it works well, THX

  2. So they LOWERED the distance impacts?? I thought they increased it that's so stupid. Last patch max was like 550-600m.


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