December 27th 2017
Game version: 050811

The new patch brought a quiet but very significant buff to the 9x19 caliber. The damage falloff at 100 meters was changed from 42% to 2.87%. What this means for the weapons:

  • SMGS and pistols retain almost all of their damage at all practical distances (there was minimal falloff even at 200 meters)
  • In raw damage potential SMGS now remain viable next to rifle assault rifle calibers. However accuracy and armor penetration are still inferior.
  • Updates to the new armor penetration is still pending, we are working our way through the levels to acquire all armor and weapon types. The sheets will be updated as soon as we test it.


  1. Hi, thanks for testing. Couple questions:

    Why current values don't match values for v0.5?
    Is it PST you compare between v0.5 and v0.4?
    What weapon you used to fire this? AFAIK in 0.4 Saiga had incorrect initial velocity and was inferior to Grach although uses the same round.

    1. It's average of PST and PSO that are compared between patches.

  2. Why no level 3 and level 4 armor tests (for helmets - Kiver is level 3, OpsCore is level 4 I think?)?

  3. Hey, there's a new 9x19 out. It's 9x19 Luger CCI sold from level 4 Skier.


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