Damage Basics

  • When a blacked out limb is it, the damage is multiplied by 1.79 then distributed among all remaining limbs.
  • Zeroing out the chest kills the target, either by secondary damage from another limb or direct hits.
  • Zeroing out the head kills the target only if the head was hit, bleeding the head to 0 from secondary damage does not kill the target.
  • It takes 5 shots to kill a target with 7.62x39 PS ammo when aiming for a leg.
  • It takes 2 shots to the chest to kill a target (wearing no armor or paca)

From this we can conclude that center of mass or head shots remain the fastest way to kill a target if the ammo is capable of penetrating the armor. If the ammo can not penetrate the armor, then aiming for limbs is the faster way to kill.


  1. I had my chest zeroed by bleednig and it did not kill me...

    1. There is a % chance you will not die from your chest 0'ing out from bleeding. However, if you take damage from a blackened limb getting shot in that state, you will die instantly.

  2. Can you try RIP shells in arms and legs?


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