Tarkov is on easy street

 Tarkov is on easy street

Tarkov is too easy. Which is not a good thing because it is supposed to be a hardcore game. A cascade of reasons is contributing to this.

The pouch

The pouch ruins the economy of the game because it promotes smash and grab play. Run to a loot spot, put it in the pouch and it is safe. Fighting your way out of the map is not required anymore. And there is no cost to it.
There are several ways to fix it:

  • Make hatchets cost money.
  • Allow pouch to stash transfer only when the player survives the raid
  • Remove the pouch


At least to me it was evident that this would keep haunting the game for a long time. It was instantly clear for me that it would destroy the economy by inflating the value of money. It also removes the need to interact with the game world beyond killing players. Because why risk time and gear looting when you can pick up a dogtag worth on average half a gold watch?

Cheap guns

An AK74 costs 33k. Still players demand cheaper glocks and cheaper smgs to make them viable. Which is the wrong thing. Guns should be far more expensive.

  • All rifles should start at 130k
  • Magazines should cost at least 10k for standard sizes. Lower capacity magazines should cost 5k, drum magazines 30k
  • SMGS should remain near 30k.
  • Pistols should remain near 15k

This would stretch the used weapon distribution evenly around pistols and smgs. Rifles would be rare expensive items.

"But that will increase hatchet players!"
"I refuse to play the game then!"

It would not increase hatchet players because if hatchet players had real cost attached to their play style they could not affort going in with only a hatchet if they want to live long enough to acquire loot.
And let's be real, none of us will stop playing Tarkov because it is too hard. Even if we would be forced to go in with a makarov and 2 bullets in a single magazine it still would be fun, and even more fun than it is now because the sky of possibilites would by full of sparkling stars promising great loot if you play harder.

The game should be so barbarically difficult that you only get a makarov and some ammo if you play average. To get more players would be forced to create teams.

In its current state Tarkov is getting easier to play with each patch. It is not a hard game and one does not have to make hard decisions. Guns are cheap, ammo choice is never a price issue, armor is everywhere and scavs are helpless loot cows.

I ask the developers, what is the purpose? Is it to test more weapons? That does not make sense, because no one is using SMGS. Everyone has assault rifles.

All attempts to make the game harder are met with repeated threats of "everyone will hatchet run" to "I am married with 7 wives and I have 35 children so I dont have time to grind I want an M4 everytime I log in."

At least give us one month of radically increased prices for everything and see how it goes. A game that is so hard none of us is "comfortable" with the difficulty would be more fun. If everyone feels the pricing is "just right" then the game is too easy.

If the game remains this easy I would like to propose the menu music is changed to this:


  1. I started to play Tarkov for the first time with the last wipe and i must say, making money is too easy partly because of dog tags.

    Im currently lvl 35 and sitting on so much cash, gold chains, weapon ect that i dont really care about dieing whatsoever, which is a bad thing... the thrill is kinda gone.

    I agree that rifles should be much more expensive, but for this to have any effect, also the ingame chance of finding rifles lying arround should be drasticly decreased.

    There is a very high chance that if you go shoreline naked just with a keybar, that you can find atleast an ak47n lying somewhere.

    Easiest fix though would be the removal of money for dogtags.

  2. selling dogtags must stop i think that it would be better if u got exp for bringing them out of a raid instead.

  3. Hm imo it is not that easy at the moment because all the lag and desync lol


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