Price: 71305 R / 802 $ (7 MRE + 2 GM Counter)

Developed for the purpose of firing armor-piercing subsonic ammo. Because of the thick integral suppressor it is a favorite among the adolescent/young adult male players (there is a freudian component to that it appears).

In the last patch ( the ammo lost a lot of its armor piercing capability, which appears to not be a nerf to the ammo, but a buff to PACA which appears to represent much stronger armor (supposedly a stand-in until we get armor plates). Therefore the perceived armor piercing ability is lower. And with that wild claims of the uselessness of the weapon appeared.

If we believe these claims, the SP-5 ammo is so bad, it gives the enemy health back when shooting them and the SP-6 ammo is so bad it spawns a fully kitted M4 in the target's hands when it is hit.

 9x39 ballistics chart

AS VAL doing a heckin concern to players after the 9x39 ballistics chart.

Let's assemble the facts.

The AS VAL costs 802 $. An M4 in base configuration costs 1133 $.

Damage per second for SP-5:

(64 * 900) / 60 = 960
This number is the same for all distances because the 9x39 has no damage falloff.

Damage per second for 55 HP:

(67 * 800) / 60 = 893,33 (3 meters)
(60 * 800) / 60 = 800 (103 meters)

 On unarmored targets, the AS VAL has the advantage. A 0.5 second burst fires 7.5 bullets with a damage of  480.

  • AS VAL 17% more damage per second than M4
  • Suppressor, foldable stock included in base configuration
  • Equipping M4 with suppressor costs 600+ $ extra
  • Configuring M4 for short barrel costs another 250 $
In direct comparison to the M4, the AS VAL is more cost effective because of its out of the box features. In armor piercing situations however careful aim at the squishy parts is required.

The AS VAL outclasses all submachine guns in the game that are in the same price range (MP5 and MPX) whose suppressed variants have a heftier price tag that puts them into the same price bracket as an M4.

The one downside apart from low armor penetration is ammo cost. The 9x39 is currently the most expensive ammo in the game.

The foldable stock shortens weapon length by 40%.


We use two tests at two distances each (80 and 13 meters), 5 shots.

80 meters

130 meters


Customization is very limited. Two different mounts can be added for flashlights and laser devices. And a dovetail mount allows the mounting of the PSO scope.


(pending means waiting for other weapon tests to complete before comparing)
  • Accuracy: x/10
  • Ammo Selection: 1/10
              2 types of ammo to select from.
  • Ammo Cost: x/10
    Average Damage: 57.50
    Average Price: 176.00 R
    Average Damage per R: 0.32
  • Cost: x/10
  • Customization: 3/10

Let us know in the comments what you think the rating should be and what categories for rating you would like to see.

We now leave you with this and a message from Prapor:



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