PM 9x18PM


PM 9x18

Price: 4708 R (Prapor Level 4) (or 100% free because every scav and their pet dogs carry one)

The most basic pistol in the game. Highly compact, light and very affordable. It is all over the place, many scavs carry it and it is found in loot boxes. At a first examination it does not appear that exciting of a weapon, but it has the most varied ammo selection in EFT.


Aimed shot accuracy

Accuracy was tested at 40 and 80 meters. Five aimed shots, standing position. The ammo used was 9 BZT (the rated/recommended ammo). Each test is repeated with 2 shot groups.

 80 meters, aimpoint was the top edge of the object.

 40 meters, aimpoint was the top edge of the object.

Fast fire accuracy

Firing as fast as possible, eight rounds.

80 meters

 40 meters


Customization is very limited, only one item is available. The 84 round drum magazine.

It offers 84 capacity as advertised and promises -5 recoil, supposedly due to the extra weight and the lower center of mass. We put this feature to the test with the fast fire accuracy test.

If compared to the 8 round magazine test the vertical spread appears to be the same, but the horizontal component of the pattern is thinner. With this magazine the makarov pistol can be turned into a homeless man's ghetto support machine gun.


(pending means waiting for other weapon tests to complete before comparing)
  • Accuracy: x/10
  • Ammo Selection: 10/10
              14 types of ammo to select from, more than any other ammo in the game.
  • Ammo Cost: x/10
    Average Damage: 53.42
    Average Price: 28.18 R
    Average Damage per R: 1.89
  • Cost: x/10
  • Customization: x/10

Let us know in the comments what you think the rating should be and what categories for rating you would like to see.

We now leave you with this and a message from Prapor:



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