PP-91 Kedr


PP-91 Kedr

Price: 28380 R  (Prapor Level 1 + 2)

A very compact weapon with a foldable stock, designed to fire the 9x18 cartridge.
Designed for law enforcement and not for the mass consumer market, it offers not many option to mod it and it is crude in appearance. However as with many russian firearms functionality over aesthetics is the rule. And functional it is very.


  • Extremly compact and light, it requires only 2x3 inventory slots and does not weigh down the user as much as a rifle. The magazines, available in 20 and 30 round capacities, also each fit into one inventory slot, making this a very effective weapon for players with limited tactical vest capacity.

    • Kedr vest capacity:
      10x 30-rd magazine = 300 rounds
    • MP5 vest capacity:
      4x 30-rd magazine = 120 rounds

  • Its compactness makes is very handy in tight spaces and the foldable stock can reduce the length even further down to that of a pistol. 
  • Offers very high fire rate at 900 RPM and 14 different ammo types to choose.
  • It shares ammo with the Makarov pistol, making it an ideal backup pistol and simplifies logistics. 


  • Damage falloff at a distance is severe compared to more powerful weapons, which limits the weapon's combat performance to below 100 meters.

 9x18 ballistics chart

Despite these impressive stats the weapon appears to be rarely fielded by players. This might be because of bad initial experiences and the perceived lack of firepower and accuracy. However for players using disciplined bursts the Kedr offer one of the highest damage per second performances in the game with 801.3 DPS average. This puts the close range damage potential of the weapon only 10% behind that of an M4.


 5 shots. 80 and 40 meters each.

80 meters

40 meters

With single fire it becomes an extremely accurate pistol with very large magazine capacity.


Customization is very limited. One RIS mount allows mounting of tactical lights and small reflex sights.


(pending means waiting for other weapon tests to complete before comparing)
  • Accuracy: x/10
  • Ammo Selection: 10/10
              14 types of ammo to select from.
  • Ammo Cost: x/10
    Average Damage: 53.42
    Average Price: 28.18 R
    Average Damage per R: 1.89
  • Cost: x/10
  • Customization: 1/10

Let us know in the comments what you think the rating should be and what categories for rating you would like to see.

We now leave you with this and a message from Prapor:



  1. Kedr was a prince of Factory back when PBM and PMM penetrated PACA. And now it seems you have to put half of magazine just into armor with PACA and a full one into 6b43.


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