TT Tokarev


TT Tokarev

Price: 7040 R (Prapor Level 4)

A favorite of many players, this pistol shoots at a considerably higher velocity than standard pistols.

 7.62x25 ballistics chart

This has a very distinct advantage on accuracy and bullet drop and the fairly obvious fact that the bullet is at the target faster. As we can see in the image, the makarov would lose on a long range gun battle because keeping the sights on target is difficult because of the required elevation of the barrel to hit the target.

However the TT is 57% more expensive than a Makarov pistol and the ammo cost is twice as high, while only delivering 7% more damage on average at close range. At longer ranges, the TT's relative ammo cost is lower because the damage per rouble loses value slower than the Makarov ammo.
In direct comparison, base configuration, the Tokarev does not match up against the Makarov in close range, but it pays off at distances beyond 50-100 meters.


We use two tests at two distances each (40 and 80 meters). Sequence of images is:

80m ASA
40m ASA
80m FFA
40m FFA

Aimed shot accuracy

Accuracy was tested at 40 and 80 meters. Five aimed shots, standing position. Each test is repeated with 2 shot groups.

Fast fire accuracy

Firing as fast as possible, eight rounds.


Customization is very limited. There is a suppressor that can be attached.


(pending means waiting for other weapon tests to complete before comparing)
  • Accuracy: x/10
  • Ammo Selection: 5/10
              7 types of ammo to select from.
  • Ammo Cost: x/10
    Average Damage: 58.00
    Average Price: 61.42 R
    Average Damage per R: 0.94
  • Cost: x/10
  • Customization: x/10

Let us know in the comments what you think the rating should be and what categories for rating you would like to see.

We now leave you with this and a message from Prapor:



  1. Would be helpful to note the armor pen and dmg especially in case like TT vs PM (If TT ammo pens Class 2 or does significant armor dmg, it can be a serious advantage over PM. But it is not, so TT only gives a marginally better stats)

  2. Would really love to see armor penetration for the TT / 7.62 X 25 round. I'm really curious which rounds I need to be able to take down Kiver helmeted guys with headshots.

  3. dosent Makarov win the longer range battle aginst the TT with any ammo given the makarov was useing PBM witch has 519M/S and is 90/130 M/S faster then any 7.62x25 ammo for the TT so the makarov has the least bullet drop verse the TT and SUCH

  4. TT ammo should shoot through PACA and Kiver in real life, have a look at this:

  5. I love the TT simply because it can be suppressed for very cheap, even if poorly suppressed. The next cheapest suppressed pistol combination costs double with the PM(t) and Hybrid multi-caliber. Next up is an Osprey the most expensive suppressor in the game for some reason...


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