November 13, 2017

Updated with armor damage stats.

November 11, 2017

After we released this article, SP became the new favorite of players and it now sells out very quickly. It appears to be superior to all other types.

Or is it?

We compared SP to BT in several tests and there was no difference in accuracy. Then we had to ask the main weapons suppliers for an interview.

The interview ended quickly but we took Prapor's claim to the test:

This is why we pay 4x extra for B ammo. It can punch through trees that are a meter thick. The SP round even has problems getting through smaller trees.


  1. Almost everything checks out with the in-game data except BP ammo damage through level II armor. Are you sure it is 31 and not 41 ?


  2. I'm kinda confused about all these types, would someone please tell why and when I should use BP/BT instead of SP or PRS? the SP stat wise is awesome for the price.

  3. 5.45 BP does 19.2 Armor damage and 1 Health damage to fort at about 50m.


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