Some observations:

  • 9x39 will perform 2x as well as other calibers of the same penetration value. This means that there are invisible parameters beyond penetration power that govern how much armor damage is caused.

    • 5.45 BS has penetration of 50, but only the same armor damage as a 9x39 SP6 (penetration 32).
    • An SP-6 is more expensive than a 5.45 BS but considering the weapon it was made for comes with an integral suppressor and firing it has practically no recoil makes the 9x39 a very dangerous and very overlooked cartridge.

  • Thanks to the "sheer force" shotgun SJWs screaming for more armor damage, a simple 20x70 TOZ shot will do 8 armor damage against 6b43, which is more than the most powerful sniper cartridges. And that is not realistic because a single buckshot pellet has less muzzle energy than a 9x18 round. I hope BSG will fix that as it appears to be an oversight. The developers appear to have used 1 shotgun pellet = 1 armor point as a base value but forgot to scale that down when the material armor was introduced. This has the comedic effect that if a player with a toz lands a full blast on a 6b43, the damage caused (8 points) would take 3000-7000 roubles to repair, depending on which trader is selected.


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